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Summit on the Future of Recruitment Ad Buying

Dear Colleague:

Whether you post jobs on a job board, a social media site or a digital publisher, the way you pay for and distribute those openings is about to change.

An astonishing 70 percent of online display ads are now “programmatic” – they are placed, managed, and optimized without human intervention. Just 5 years ago, that number was close to zero.

This revolution is now coming to recruitment.

The days when you signed your job board or social media contract once a year and never thought about it again will soon be over. Using data, software and sophisticated analytics, employers are now programming their ad buys to dramatically improve both their ROI and their applicant quality.

Join your talent acquisition colleagues as well as product leaders from America’s leading ad agencies, job boards, social media sites, aggregators, and applicant tracking systems for a first-of-its-kind recruiting conference that looks exclusively at this hot topic. It’s the Leadership Summit on Programmatic Ad Buying on June 30th in Chicago, IL.

Why Attend?

It’s Free!

The first 75 employers to register will be admitted at no cost.

The networking will be amazing.

We have limited the conference to just 130 attendees, and many of the smartest minds in the talent acquisition space will be attending. Approximately 50 percent will be recruiting leaders from some of America’s leading large and mid-sized employers. The balance will be product and operating executives from every major job board, aggregator, ad agency, and marketing platform in the US.

You’ll learn a ton! Specifically:

  • How Sodexo is using big data to dramatically improve the quality of their applicants and the ROI of their ad spend.
  • The findings of a major research report (based on 500,000+ applications) on how ATS selection, device, and application length has impacted on sourcing costs and applicant flow.
  • What the four largest recruitment ad agencies are doing to improve applicant flow on “hard-to-fill” requisitions without spending a dime.
  • And much more!

Seating is strictly limited to 130 participants. For more information and to register, please click here..

Best Regards,

Peter Weddle

WEDDLE’s Media Group