WEDDLE’s offers something different: Next Practices.
They’re strategies & tactics
for winning the real War for the Best Talent,
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Think of this site as your Careerstead™ – a place where you can get the cutting edge tips and techniques that will advance your career as a recruiter. Developed by former Wall Street Journal columnist and author, Peter Weddle, Next Practices enable you to get out in front of the herd by applying more powerful, more engaging, more effective ways of recruiting top talent.

Your Careerstead™ is a home for your personal development as a recruiter. It provides career enhancing:


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Peter Weddle

The Careerstead™ – a home for recruiters' career success – and Next Practices – modern talent acquisition techniques – were created by Peter Weddle. Described by The Washington Post as "a man filled with ingenious ideas," he’s the author or editor of over two dozen books and a former columnist for National Business Employment Weekly and the interactive edition of The Wall Street Journal. To learn more about Peter, click here.