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Peter Weddle is a recruiter, HR consultant and business CEO turned author and commentator.  Described by The Washington Post as "... a man filled with ingenious ideas," he has earned an international reputation, pioneering concepts in Human Resource leadership and employment.  He has authored or edited over two dozen books and been a columnist for The Wall Street Journal, The National Business Employment Weekly and CNN.com.  Today, he writes two newsletters that are distributed worldwide and oversees WEDDLE's LLC, a print publisher specializing in the field of human resources.  WEDDLE's annual Guides and Directory to job boards are recognized for their accuracy and helpfulness, leading the American Staffing Association to call Weddle the “Zagat of the online employment industry.”

Weddle is the former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Job Bank USA, Inc., one of the largest electronic employment service companies in the United States, which he founded in 1991 and sold in 1996.  From 1988 to 1991, he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of University Research Corporation, an international company with offices in 17 countries, which provided consulting expertise in all aspects of human resource management and development.  He has also been a Partner in The Hay Group, and from 1985 to 1988, founded and then ran its workforce management and development subsidiary, Hay Systems, Inc..  In addition, he has chaired and/or served on numerous appointed boards for the U.S. Government, including studies by the National Science Foundation, the Defense Science Board and the Army Science Board.  In 1988, he was awarded the U.S. Government's Medal for Public Service for his contributions to Federal research.

Weddle has published widely on career and employment topics, including Work Strong: Your Personal Career Fitness System, Recognizing Richard Rabbit, Generalship: HR Leadership in a Time of War, Postcards From Space (a primer), CliffsNotes: Finding a Job on the Web (IDG), CliffsNotes: Writing a Great Resume (IDG), Internet Resumes: Take the Net to Your Next Job (Impact), Career Fitness: How to Find, Win & Keep the Job You Want in the 1990's (Cadell & Davies), Electronic Resumes for the New Job Market (Impact), an anthology of international research and technology transfer projects (Plenum), and numerous research reports, graduate-level university case studies, and articles in such publications as Success, Leaders, Directors & Boards, the Army, Navy & Air Force Times, Healthcare Employment News, Human Capital, and Bottomline.

Weddle has also appeared frequently in the media, including CBS This Morning, The Today Show, CNNfn, The McLaughlin Group, Bloomberg Financial News, National Empowerment Television and WBIS and been quoted in The New York Times, The National Business Employment Weekly, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, U.S. News & World Report, USA Today, Money and other publications.  In addition, he has spoken to meetings and conventions sponsored by such organizations as AT&T, United Airlines, Business Week Magazine, Success Magazine, the Young Presidents’ Organization, the Society for Human Resource Management, the International Personnel Management Association, and the International Society for Performance Improvement.

An avid athlete, Weddle successfully completed both the Airborne and Ranger programs while on active duty with the U.S. Army.  He also led an expedition which scaled the Cervino (Italian) face of the Matterhorn, one of Europe's highest mountains, and a team which represented the United States in international long distance marching competition.

Weddle is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point.  He has attended Oxford University and holds advanced degrees from Middlebury College and Harvard University.

Presentations & Training Programs
Presentations and training programs are offered in three distinct formats designed in accordance with the principles of effective adult learning and delivered in a way that is both informative and entertaining. The programs are suitable for audiences ranging in size from ten to 10,000+ participants.

Keynote Address
This one-hour presentation draws on the latest research conducted by Weddle for his weekly column about HR management in The Wall Street Journal; his 20+ HR and recruiting-related books, guides and directories; and his newsletter, a publication that is now read by recruiters, HR professionals and business executives worldwide. Each session is filled with savvy analysis, unique insights and fascinating tales of real world challenges and lessons learned.

Management Seminar
This two-hour presentation combines the topic overview provided in the Keynote Address with a sampling of specific tools and techniques that can be used to implement Best Practices and Best Policies within business organizations. The seminar provides both new insights about the dynamics of superior performance and practical methods for achieving it. In addition, each session includes one or more practical exercises to optimize learning and maximize participants’ take-home value.

This four-hour presentation packs six hours of content into a fast-paced, information rich half-day. Each workshop employs an integrated, building block approach that ensures participants understand both the strategy and the tactics required for successful and lasting performance improvement. Practical exercises and classroom discussion are used to reinforce learning and retention.

Presentation Topics

  • Work Strong: How to build an enduring and fulfilling career … in tough as well as good times
  • HR Leadership in Challenging Times: An exploration of the personal attributes of leaders who thrive and win in difficult environments
  • Creating CROs: How to transform supervisors into “Chief Retention Officers”
  • The War for the Best Talent: What are its dynamics and what must recruiters and HR managers do to capture a competitive advantage
  • Best Practices in Online Recruiting: the most effective techniques for sourcing and recruiting top talent on the Web
  • Winning Workforces: A strategic vision for acquiring, developing and deploying world class workers
  • A World Class Career Area on Your Corporate Web Site: How to design, develop and operate an effective organizational recruitment site on the Internet (for employers and/or staffing firms)
  • Precruitment: The art and science of being prepared—effective workforce planning in the War for the Best Talent
  • Staffing Metrics: How to select, install and use a measurement process in a recruiting organization
  • How to Look for a Job Online and Still Look Like a Winner

For additional information or to schedule a program, please call WEDDLE’s at 203.964.1888

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