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What’s a Job Board Worth?

What’s a Job Board Worth?

Whether you’re looking for an exit strategy or to grow your organization through acquisition, that question is critically important to your success. Should the value of a job board be a multiple of revenue or EBITDA or something else? How do you measure good will in our industry or can you? What factors are venture capitalists and other investors considering when they look at sites operating in the employment space?

Yes, those are all key questions, and unfortunately up until now, we’ve had precious little data with which to answer them. That will change, however, when the International Association of Employment Web Sites (IAEWS) and Kennedy Information release the results of a joint ground-breaking study at the IAEWS Member Congress in Orlando, FL on November 14, 2007.

Incorporating both quantitative and qualitative research, this study will, for the first time, examine the key dynamics and financial fundamentals of mergers and acquisitions in the online employment services industry. Its results will be presented in:

  • a comprehensive written report
  • and

  • a private briefing and moderated Q&A with the study author.
  • In addition, the briefing will be followed by a reception with venture capital firms and other investors in online enterprises.

    Access to the report and participation in the briefing and reception are open only to members of the IAEWS. It’s one more reason why membership in the Association is a smart decision for job boards. To learn more about membership, please visit the IAEWS Web-site or call the Executive Director, Peter Weddle, at 203.964.1888.

    Unique Sponsorship Opportunity

    WEDDLE’s has just announced its 2007 Fall/Winter Training Series. Highly regarded by corporate and staffing firm recruiters alike, the six-part series provides a comprehensive toolbox of techniques for effective sourcing and recruiting online. It is promoted through WEDDLE’s e-mail and print publications and through cooperative marketing programs with a number of leading member-based organizations. It short, it is one of the most popular and prestigious developmental offerings available for recruiting professionals.

    Now, your organization can highlight its brand as the Sponsor of this series. Sponsorship gives you a number of important benefits:

  • Sponsors are noted in each online promotional message for the series (a minimum of one message per week for four months);
  • Sponsors are recognized at the beginning of each of the six training programs and again at the conclusion; and
  • Sponsors may include a (limited) promotional message in the body of the instructional content distributed to each student.
  • Each of the individual programs in WEDDLE’s Training Series is delivered by toll free teleconference. PowerPoint slides are provided in advance to supplement the instruction. All programs are presented by WEDDLE’s Publisher, Peter Weddle, and draw on WEDDLE’s 10+ years of research into the Best Practices for online recruitment. The programs are convenient and, more importantly, they are high quality. As The Wall Street Journal noted “The WEDDLE’s Seminar has been held in cities around the country to rave reviews. In fact, more than 95% have said they found the seminars to be both very informative and very helpful.”

    Sponsorship is available in two options:

  • All six programs, with naming rights for the series (i.e., The WEDDLE’s 2007 Fall/Winter Training Series Sponsored by
  • Select programs (minimum of three), with sponsorship noted on a program-by-program basis.
  • Only one Sponsor is permitted for the series and/or for each of the individual programs.

    For additional information, please contact Peter Weddle at 203.964.1888.

    Put Your Organization into Print with WEDDLE’s

    Every six months, WEDDLE’s publishes a 4-color catalog that features its highly regarded publications for recruiters and job seekers. These catalogs are direct mailed to a mailing list of every previous WEDDLE’s book buyer as well as to other interested parties (e.g., company librarians and research directors, sourcing consultants) and distributed to the 35-50 career fairs, conferences and corporate meetings at which Peter Weddle speaks every year. As a consequence, each six-month version of the catalog typically reaches 20,000+ people.

    Unlike with e-mail messages and banner ads, however, WEDDLE’s catalogs have staying power. They sit on recruiters’ and job seekers’ desks and are passed around in offices and libraries; they are referred to time-and-again by their recipients and shared with colleagues and friends. In short, they are a highly regarded, highly visible and enduring way to promote your company and its products and services.

    And, now you can! WEDDLE’s is pleased to announce that it is accepting ads for its 2007 Fall/Winter Catalog. These ads will appear in a special section of the Catalog entitled Premium Resources where they can be read and referred to over and over again.

    You can create your ad:

  • in black and white or 4-color
  • and

  • in a half-page or full-page format.
  • To reserve a spot, please call Pamela Joyce-Spear at 317.916.9424. Closing date for ad reservations in WEDDLE’s 2007 Fall/Winter Catalog is August 24, 2007. Ad copy must be received by August 31, 2007. The Catalog will be published on September 15, 2007.