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Two Dynamics for Job Board Growth

Like all industries, the job board business is powered by the ebb and flow of dynamics.  The dictionary defines that term as “the forces or properties that stimulate growth, development, or change within a system or process.”  Dynamics are organizing principles that gain the power to shape the present (and often the future) by becoming generally accepted pathways to success.

In our industry, dynamics are usually categories of recruitment products or services that attract investment and thus shape the market.  As we all know, those investments do not ensure the success of a specific product or service, but they do sustain the dynamic, and perhaps more importantly, can point the way toward lucrative product/service introductions by other sites.

Said another way, watching where investments are being made enables you to piggyback on the market research of others and, in the process, gain a competitive advantage for your site.  After all, the companies in which those investments are being made are often starting from zero whereas you are in the market, know something about it, and may well have access to development resources a start-up doesn’t.

So, what dynamic might you ride to even greater success?  Here are two that warrant consideration:

Candidate Quality. This dynamic involves applying artificial intelligence to the key unanswered question in recruitment: what is a quality candidate?

The answer, of course, is a double conundrum: first the definition is idiosyncratic to each organization – there is no universal standard of quality – and second, the answer is idiosyncratic to the hiring manager, who more often than not defines quality as “Get me someone like Jim or Jane.”  Machine learning can track the behavior of organizations and individuals within those organizations to determine their implicit (and sometimes unconscious) definition of quality and then apply it to future openings.

For example, Triplebyte just raised $3 million to launch its “engineer genome project” which will attempt to define the DNA of perfect engineer candidates.  Similarly, Boon uses machine learning to tease out the “gems” in employees’ personal networks so they can be included in a company’s referral program.  And then there’s Connectifier, about which Recruiting Times said, “Two ex-Google engineers hope to turn the recruitment process on its head through artificial intelligence and search software in order to build up over 300 million online profiles in order to find the perfect candidate.”

Now, before all you skeptics rise up in righteous indignation, I know we’ve been talking about the power of artificial intelligence for over 20 years, and still have very little to show for it … except in playing chess and Jeopardy.  However, the same slow rise to maturation occurred with robots and now, they’re revolutionizing manufacturing, pick and pack logistics and other fields of work.  We may now be at a similar tipping point for artificial intelligence.

Candidate Equality.  The dynamic here involves transparency or what is sometimes described as leveling the playing field between employers and job seekers.

Since its inception after World War II, the job market has been a one-sided contest, where employers have all the advantages.  Job seekers are required to provide extensive information about themselves and then submit to intensive scrutiny before being offered a job.  Employers, in contrast, provide little more than marketing information about themselves and make getting an “inside look” at their employment experience a monumental research task that puts off all but the most determined candidate.

This dynamic aims to make things a bit fairer by using a combination of technology, branding and site design to acquire and make available to job seekers peer-produced information about the culture, values and practices of employers.  The idea isn’t to air dirty laundry (although that does happen from time-to-time), but rather to provide “employment intelligence” – to remove the mystery about the nature of an organization’s employment experience, so that both the employer and the job seeker can make an informed decision about whether they would be a good fit for each other.

The candidate equality dynamic is on display for a wide range of employers and occupations at sites such as Glassdoor, Kununu and CareerBliss and at niche sites that focus on a specific industry or subset of the workforce.  An example of the latter is Fairygodboss, which asks current and former employees to evaluate an employer’s support and programs for women.  Whichever tack is taken, however, in a War for Talent, employment intelligence is the key to winning … for candidates as well as employers.

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