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On The .Org Board blog sponsored by Boxwood Career Solutions, “Don’t Be Shy” by Jennifer Baker. When thinking about whether you ought to toss your hat into the ring for a 2015 Recruiting Service Innovation Award, remember this: “It ain’t bragging if ya’ done it.”

Also on the Board Biz Daily blog, “Reimagining the Job Board” by Peter Weddle. Today’s employers need a wide range of sourcing and recruiting resources, and job boards are perfectly positioned to provide them.

And while you’re on the Board Biz Daily blog, read “Programmatic Ad Buying Summit”. The first-ever conference on the technology that is already moving from consumer ads into recruitment advertising.

Jobboarders Book of the Month: “Next Practices” by Peter Weddle. Best Practices are so yesterday. They’re sourcing and recruiting techniques designed for a time that has passed. What’s better? Next Practices – strategies and tactics that update and revitalize job posting, social recruitment and more. Get it in the IAEWS Bookstore.

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