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On the Board Biz Daily blog, “Keywords Are Killing Us” by Ane Ohm. A job board’s objective isn’t to support keyword searches, it’s to match great people with the right jobs, and sometimes those words are more of an obstacle than a help.

Also on the Board Biz Daily blog, “The Chase!” by Ken Levinson. One job board veteran’s peeve with the lack of response from those who have requested he contact them, costing him both time and money.

And stay on the Board Biz Daily blog for “How Are Craft Beers, Enterprise Recruiters & Agencies’ SMB Clients Related?” If you want an outside-the-box conference experience, if you’re looking for a way to be challenged by new ideas and connect with your industry peers, attend the IAEWS Spring Congress on April 25-26, 2015.

Jobboarders Book of the Month: “The Sourcing and Recruitment Handbook” by Shally Steckerl. The Cybersleuth’s secrets to sourcing better, smarter, faster and cheaper than the competition – available in the IAEWS Bookstore.

In Careers:

  • Sales – Business Development Director – Publishing/ Media | Naylor, LLC

In Classifieds:

  • Private Research Bulletin Gives the Edge to Busy Jobboarders.

Plus, two new members joined the Jobboarders community.

  • Danielle Sayre,
  • Donnie Mannino,


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