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On the Board Biz Daily blog, “Improving Online Recruitment Content Is Simply Common Sense – So Why Don’t Recruiters Get It?” by Ken Levinson. What’s behind the stubborn resistance of so many recruiters to improving their postings and what can we do about it?

Also on the Board Biz Daily blog, “The 2015 IAEWS Spring & Fall Congress – Leadership Summits for Employment Web-Sites.” Mark your calendars today for the two best conferences for job board professionals looking to network with their peers, discuss key topics and do deals.

Join the lively discussion thread at the Industry Leadership blog by Gal Almog at RealMatch, Why Is the Recruitment Advertising Industry So Slow to Change?”. Developments to improve recruitment advertising lag all other forms of advertising on the Web – why is that and what should we do about it?

Read a free excerpt of the novel that begins with a job board called Written by a job board owner, this book spoofs job boards and a host of other stuff, making it the perfect way to get 2015 off with a chuckle.

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