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On the Niche Sites blog, “How Niche Jobs Boards Can Grow Revenue” by Jared Elder. In today’s highly competitive market, each niche site must find multiple ways to monetize the unique “talent pools” it serves.

On the Board Biz Daily blog, “Correcting Conventional Wisdom” by Peter Weddle. The mischaracterization of job boards – whether it’s intentional or simply ignorant – has gone on for too long both in the media and at conferences, and it’s now time to push back.

On Board Blogs, “Top 5 things we learnt at the IAEWS Fall Congress” by Jo Harvey. Insights and ideas from the year’s largest industry conference, proving that what happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay there.

At Press Releases:

  • RealMatch Launches 27 New Job Sites for Leading Digital Publishers in Q3
  • eCareer Relaunches with Revolutionary Job Matching Technology
  • New Milkround sites launch on Madgex platform to target growing youth recruitment market
  • Adicio & CareerCast – How to Maximize Revenues with SMO and Mobile

At Careers:

  • Sr. Director of Business Development by Naylor Association Solutions

Plus, three new members joined the Jobboarders community.


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