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On The .Board Biz Daily blog, White Knights Don’t Exist in Business Either by Ane Ohm. The best way to fix a business problem is to know what you’re actually fixing so you can be your own white knight.

Also on The Board Biz Daily blog, The End of Business As Usual by Peter Weddle. Four developments in 2015 that will profoundly reshape the TA technology industry going forward.

At the Peer Poll, let’s hear your view on What will the talent acquisition solutions business be like in 2016?

At the CyberSoapbox, go ahead and vent – What’s the most frustrating part of running an employment site today?

Jobboarders Book of the Month: “The Career Activist Republic” by Peter Weddle. Forget the Free Agent Nation – most people do want to work for themselves, but they want to be employed by someone else. And the very best talent – the people employers most want to hire – can pull it off. They are the new definition of success in recruiting. Get it in the TAtech Bookstore.

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