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On the Board Biz Daily blog, “1 Week Until IAEWS Fall Congress Discount Registration Ends”. The IAEWS Fall Congress will be held on October 16-17, 2015 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. This 2-part event will be the largest gathering of the year for the global employment solutions industry.

On The .Org Board blog, sponsored by Boxwood Career Solutions, “Reframe Your Perspective” by Amy Goble. Make sure your career center’s brand communicates a message that is clear and compelling to everyone, including even the most casual visitors.

At the CyberSoapbox, sound off on: “How important is it for an employment site to be in a network where job postings and/or candidates can be shared across the other participating sites?” They’re a big part of our industry, but are networks essential to employment site success?

At the Peer Poll, chime in on: “What kind of sales force are you using to generate business for your site?” Are you doing business as a one-person band, an army of sales professionals or something else?

Jobboarders Book of the Month: “The New Golden Rules of Job Board Success – Four Principles for Optimizing Operational & Bottom Line Performance” by IAEWS Executive Director Peter Weddle. A short, easy read on the challenges and opportunities facing job boards in today’s economy. The perfect book for those lazy hours on the beach. Get it in the IAEWS Bookstore.

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  • Associate Director | WJ Weiser and Associates
  • Senior Meeting Planner | WJ Weiser and Associates
  • Government Affairs Specialist | WJ Weiser and Associates

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  • Employment Websites for Sale
  • Acquisition Opportunity: Project Oriole: An online recruitment business for sale


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