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On the Board Biz Daily blog, “Everything Matters” by Jeff Dickey-Chasins. Technical glitches aren’t the only issues that deserve attention when launching or re-launching your site.

Join the discussion thread on the Board Biz Daily blog for “Leonardo Da Vinci’s Resume” by Gal Almog. An artistic proposal for improving both the job seeker’s and recruiter’s experience.

At the CyberSoapbox, sound off on: “What are the best ways to deal with fraudulent ads?” How should we in our industry address this situation that affects all industries worldwide?

At the Peer Poll, chime in on: “Do you have insurance against litigation and/or claims caused by data breaches, malware attacks or phishing expeditions conducted against your customers?” Is such insurance a necessary and sufficient protection in today’s world of business?

Jobboarders Book of the Month: “The Career Activist Republic” by Peter Weddle. The bestseller Free Agent Nation hypothesized that people increasingly want to work for themselves as a kind of Me, Inc., but the reality has turned out to be something very different. People do want to work for themselves but they want to be employed by someone else. That’s the premise of The Career Activist Republic – the growing legion of independent “persons of talent” who have their pick of employers. Get it in the IAEWS Bookstore.

In PR:

  • Recruitics Releases Infographic on Performance-Based Advertising for Jobs

In Classifieds:

  • Employment Websites for Sale
  • Acquisition Opportunity: Project Oriole: An online recruitment business for sale

Plus, one new member joined the Jobboarders community.

  • Steve Dobrowski, Recruitics


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