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The Rise of Hybrid Employment Sites

The Rise of Hybrid Employment Sites

The conventional view of job boards and social media sites has been to see them as separate and distinct stovepipes of recruiting activity. One provides a platform for recruitment advertising and resume search, while the other supports data mining and networking with employment prospects. The reality, however, is far different. Some job boards have always provided a way for recruiters to interact with candidates socially, and today, that number is growing. What’s emerging, as a result, is a new kind of resource that is best described as a “hybrid employment site.”

Although not widely acknowledged, a significant number of job boards have always offered discussion forums or listservs which supported both peer-to-peer and recruiter-to-peer dialogue. Such features, for example, have long been integrated with the job boards operated by many professional societies and associations. They’re found on sites ranging from the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers ( to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (

In 2005, my biannual Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet started tracking these social platforms on all sites, commercial job boards as well as those operated by professional societies and associations. Of the 350 sites we profiled that year, over 22 percent reported that they offered a social recruiting platform. By the time my 20011/12 Guide appeared, that number had jumped to 38 percent. (If you’d like your site to appear in our next edition of the Guide, due out in early 2013, contact me right away.)

Today, a large and growing number of job boards are moving even more aggressively into the social side of recruitment. These hybrid employment sites offer both their traditional recruitment advertising services and an expanding array of social features. The latter typically perform one or more of three functions:

” Content Delivery

” Relationship Building

” Candidate Acquisition.

I describe what some sites are doing in each of these areas in my next news letter.

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