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The Employment Solutions Ecosystem

The Employment Solutions Ecosystem

Lots of people are using the term “ecosystem” to describe the players in the talent acquisition marketplace. It’s a word that trips lightly off the tongue, but what does it actually mean?

For our purposes, the term must be modified into the phrase, “employment solutions ecosystem.” Unlike the talent acquisition ecosystem which encompasses the players in corporate and third party recruiting (e.g., recruiters, sourcers, hiring managers, corporate lawyers, the IT guys), the employment solutions ecosystem consists of two B2B groups: (1) those organizations that provide employment-related products and services to employers and staffing firms and (2) the organizations that provide support products and services to those providers.

Those two groups, in turn, fall into one of three types of enterprises:

  • Technology organizations, including but not limited to ATS vendors, cloud-based solutions, career site software providers, and ad buying & distribution companies;
  • Publishers, including but not limited to job boards, social media sites, job and people aggregators, newspaper digital classifieds, and mobile apps; and
  • Service organizations, including but not limited to recruitment advertising agencies, big data and analytics companies and consultants).

Why are such definitions important?

First, the strength of our industry depends upon its being as inclusive as possible. The broader and larger our community, the greater weight we will have with Internet regulatory bodies such as ICANN and governmental agencies such as the OFCCP in the US and the Geneva-based regulators in the EU. Those may seem like distant and improbable adversaries, but one need only look at the .jobs issue to see how real they can be.

Second, the strength of the individual members of the ecosystem is enhanced when their opportunities for collaboration, partnership, joint ventures and B2B business are maximized. As sourcing and recruiting becomes more complex and challenging, the need for comprehensive and sophisticated solutions increases, so the more options there are within the ecosystem, the more potent the solutions that can be devised.

Third, a rising tide lifts all boats. A strongly integrated and vibrant ecosystem provides a healthy environment for all of its members. Sure, there will be disagreements from time-to-time, and yes, members will often compete (and just as often cooperate), but a diverse and mutually respectful culture will give each individual enterprise the best opportunity to achieve its business goals.

Awesome Two-fer Announced

Save $250 when you register for the Programmatic Ad Buying Summit and the Fall Congress. Details follow.

The IAEWS will present the first in a new series of 1-day, 1-topic Leadership Symposia called Programmatic Ad Buying – The Coming Wave in Recruitment Media. The event will be held at the University of Chicago’s Gleacher Center in Chicago, IL USA on June 30, 2015.

Why bother to attend? Programmatic ad buying has revolutionized mainstream consumer advertising. The use of data to power high-speed bidding and analytics engines has irrevocably altered how advertising dollars are spent on classifieds, search, and social and display ads. This revolution is now coming to recruiting.

From new start-ups focused exclusively on ad technology for the employment industry to radical changes at established advertising agencies and publishers, programmatic ad buying strategies and technologies are starting to creep into recruitment advertising. This symposium will bring together an unprecedented array of technology and industry thought leaders to explore the current state of programmatic buying in recruitment media, its impact on employers and the job ad market, and what the future holds for the venerable “job posting”.

Who Should Attend:

  • Job Boards
  • Social Media Sites
  • Recruitment Advertising Agencies
  • Publishers
  • Recruiting Consultants
  • Employers

And now, you have two registration options:

  • Register for the Summit for just $395 per person. Group discounts are available for groups of three or more – please contact the IAEWS Executive Director at for rates.
  • Register for the Summit and the IAEWS Fall Congress and save $200 on the Summit and $50 on the Congress. You pay $745 to attend both events AND save a total of $250! The IAEWS Fall Congress will be held on October 16-17, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Congress immediately precedes and is collocated with HRTech.

Seating is strictly limited to 130 participants. For more information and to register, please click here.

2015 IAEWS Resource Directory Now Available

The 2015 IAEWS Employment Site Resource Directory is now available on the association’s website. It’s a FREE digital publication that provides a description of the B2B services offered by both employment solution providers and their support partners.

It is unique in a very important way:

    It is the only directory that is composed entirely of IAEWS Members. Hence, each listed company has made at least an implicit commitment to the association’s Code of Ethics, and that provides a measure of security when doing business with them.

So, stop by and check out the 2015 IAEWS Employment Site Resource Directory – it’s your resource for some of the best products and services in the industry. You’ll find it here.

Start Your Day at is the only site dedicated to our industry where fresh content is posted every single day.

    From its Newsfeed and Press Releases to Member posts and regular columns by industry veterans and thought leaders …

    From its CyberSoapbox where you’re invited to sound off on a new topic each week to its Peer Poll which provides an up-to-the-minute survey of what’s happening in the industry … is a unique forum for the presentation and discussion of new ideas, emerging trends, best practices and everything else that’s important to success in our industry.

So start your day at – the site is open to and operated by the IAEWS for everyone in the online employment solutions industry.

Don’t Be Overlooked

There is no greater honor than to be recognized by grateful customers.

And that’s what the User’s Choice Awards are all about!.

They’re a unique program that celebrates the best in our industry … not according to pundits, but according to the people who matter most – the job seekers, employers and recruiters who actually use the sites.

Voting is conducted all year long to determine the thirty sites with the greatest support. And your site can be on that ballot – the competition is open to all employment sites worldwide.

To request inclusion on the ballot, please contact Peter Weddle at

And to see the winners of the 2015 User’s Choice Awards, click here.