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Summer Reading Trifecta

Summer Reading Trifecta

How can your summer vacation recharge your batteries and refresh your vision?

Take advantage of WEDDLE’s Summer Reading Trifecta! While you’re lying on the beach or in your hammock, read books that can help you grow your business.

Unlike general business books, however, those in the Summer Reading Trifecta have been written specifically for employment services professionals.

Even better, the Trifecta provides an exclusive 20 percent discount on the three-book set:

  • The New Golden Rules of Job Board Success: Four Principles for Optimizing Operational & Bottom Line Performance
  • The Career Activist Republic: The Attributes & Goals of a New Generation of Top Talent
  • Postcards From Space: Being the Best in Online Recruitment & HR Management
  • To order, email us at and we’ll send you an online order form. Or, for speedier service, call WEDDLE’s at 203-964-1888.

    Tell Your Visitors to Run from Undead Employers

    As depicted in the new movie World War Z, a common scene in a vampire movie these days is to have the hero or heroine -and preferably both – run from a ravenous horde of the undead. It’s a behavior job seekers would do well to copy in the job market.

    Today’s job market is infested with a horde of undead organizations best described as unemployers. These entities are inhuman employers that prey on workers. They achieve success by sucking the life out of those they employ. They often make a lot of money (especially for their investors and CEOs), but consume their employees to do so.

    Unemployers are like vampires. They lurk among the general population of good, decent employers, posing as their peers on well dressed corporate career sites. They post pretty pictures of their facilities and hide the fact that they’re in financial trouble and planning for layoffs. They make grand promises in their job postings, and then renege on those commitments once a new hire has arrived.

    Unemployers sink their teeth into job seekers and count on the lousy job market to hold them in place. So, what happens? They plod along as employees in an abusive culture that drains them of their ability and their motivation to excel. They lose the pride they used to take in their work and the sense of satisfaction they earned from doing it. In the end, they are so debased they become a shrunken version of themselves and can no longer achieve career success.

    Help Your Site’s Visitors Protect Themselves

    The only way a person can protect themselves from unemployers is to run away from them and to the safety of supportive and respectful organizations. As you know, there are millions of good employers out there, but to work for them, job seekers must first avoid falling prey to the bad ones.

    So, reinforce your site’s relationships with its visitors. Teach them the five tell-tale signs of unemployers. Here are their behaviors:

  • Unemployers subject you to the resume black hole, responding only with the sound of silence when you submit an application. (Job seekers should be careful, however, that they don’t miss the messages sent by good employers as those communications are sometimes caught in their spam filter.)
  • Unemployers conduct a telephone prescreen that leaves you unsure whether you were dealing with a human or with a recruiter who can’t be bothered to act like one.
  • The receptionist who greets you when you arrive for a face-to-face interview acts as if you’re interfering with their life or they’re too bored to have one.
  • The hiring manager who interviews you is so unprepared or inept at conversation that you wonder how they became a leader in the organization or were even seen as one.
  • And, the follow-up after the interview is nonexistent or so generic that you wonder if you met with a single real person or just employees masquerading as one.
  • What should a job seeker do when they’re confronted with these signs of the undead among employers? Treat them as their exit sign. They shouldn’t invest another minute of their job search following up with, doing more research on, or looking for connections within such organizations. Unemployers suck the future out of humans, and your visitors deserve a more life and career affirming experience.

    Ditch the Fruitcake & Fuzzy Holiday Cards

    This year, give your customers and special friends something they’ll value long after the Holidays end.

    Give them Talent Slow Jams: The Smoothest Best Practices in Talent Acquisition.

    This 52-page booklet will be branded with your organization’s name and logo and provide informative, engaging articles on:

  • The Smoothest Best Practices in Job Posting
  • The Smoothest Best Practices in Social Recruiting
  • The Smoothest Best Practices in Online Networking
  • The Smoothest Best Practices in Optimizing the Candidate Experience
  • Instead of giving your customers something they’ll forget by January 1st, give them a resource they’ll use over and over again … and every time they do, they’ll see your company’s name and logo!

    Cheaper and more satisfying than a bag of Holiday cookies, the booklets are sold in lots of 50. They must be ordered by September 30th to be delivered for you distribution after Thanksgiving.

    To order, contact WEDDLE’s at or 203-964-1888.

    Free Webinar: The New Golden Rules of Job Board Success

    Over the last two decades, job boards have transformed the way employers find workers and workers find jobs. Now, they must transform themselves.

    Changes in the world of work and the global job market, the Internet and the cloud, cell phones and smart phones and other technology – all have combined to create a new talent acquisition ecosystem.

    Prevailing in this new environment requires the adoption of alternative visions, business models, operational strategies and even day-to-day tactics. It requires The New Golden Rules of Job Board Success.

    In this Webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why job boards must change the kind of visitors they attract;
  • How the content of job boards must change to attract top talent;
  • What job boards can do to beat back the social media challenge; and
  • How job boards can increase their revenue and profitability.
  • Presented by IAEWS Executive Director, Peter Weddle, and based on his book, The New Golden Rules of Job Board Success, this one-of-a-kind Webinar will get you and your entire team thinking outside the box. The Webinar is sponsored by RealMatch.

    To register, click here.

    IAEWS Employment Web-Site Resource Directory

    If your organization is selling a product or service to job boards and other employment sites, the IAEWS Employment Web-Site Resource Directory is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to promote it.

    What makes the Directory special? It connects with your prospective customers in not one, but two ways:

  • First, the Directory will be linked from the Home Page of the IAEWS Web-site so it’s front and center with both IAEWS Members and other site visitors
  • Second, a hard copy version of the Directory will be distributed to delegates at the IAEWS Fall Congress in Chicago, IL USA on October 15th.
  • In short, you get a two-fer: both virtual and real world visibility.

    In addition, the Directory will be featured in regular e-blasts to the IAEWS membership and to the employment sites on the mailing list maintained by WEDDLE’s Guide.

    The Employment Web-Site Resource Directory will go live in early September, so don’t delay. The closing date for insertion orders is just around the corner. For additional information and to place your insertion order, contact the IAEWS at today.