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Retargeting Ads

Retargeting Ads

The 2014 IAEWS-Job Board Doctor Benchmarking Survey found the following:

“Both large and small sites have similar visitor traffic in terms of time spent on the site, and percentage of traffic from mobile. However, larger sites among the respondents were more likely to have visitors who registered with the site or applied for a job.”

If your site is dealing with such “inactive job seekers,” there’s now a way to take a second shot at them. Called retargeting ads, they enable you to send a tailored message to departed visitors that will entice them back to register or apply. A comScore study found that such messages were far and away the best way to recapture traffic, increasing returns by a whopping 726%.

Does it work in recruitment? Retargeted ads are a relatively new development, so there’s not yet much data, but cPrime, an IT staffing firm, tried the tactic and saw a 60 percent increase in page views and an even greater increase in time on site.

How do you get started? You can launch a campaign with vendors, such as AdRoll and ReTargeter, or on your own at social media sites, including Facebook (where retargeting is called Facebook Exchange or FBX), Google (where it’s called “remarketing”) or Twitter (where it’s called Tailored Audiences).

Regardless of the tact you take, however, our colleagues in e-commerce have found that the campaign messages should do more than simply invite people back. The best results have been achieved by offering white papers, case studies, and other content likely to be viewed as interesting or helpful.

What are the downsides? Well, of course, implementing a campaign isn’t free so there is the cost. In addition and perhaps most problematic, retargeted ads won’t work for visitors on mobile devices.

Announcing the IAEWS University

The IAEWS has announced the inaugural semester of The IAEWS University. It offers IAEWS Members a slate of free monthly Webinars on key topics related to the management, operation and growth of employment sites.

The topics have been sourced from the 2014 IAEWS-Job Board Doctor Benchmark Survey and the association’s crowdsourcing of content for its Congresses. The faculty was assembled from IAEWS Members who are thought leaders in our industry.

The course sessions will be presented on the second Tuesday of each month from 2-3:00 PM U.S. Eastern time, 7-8:00 PM British Summer Time, 11-12:00 PM U.S. Pacific time. At this point, we also anticipate that they will be recorded and posted in the Members Only area of the IAEWS Web site for subsequent auditing by the membership.

Finally, to simulate a “seminar environment,” each session will be divided into two 30 minute segments:

” the first segment will be the faculty member’s presentation,

” the second will be a moderated Q&A, thereby providing plenty of time for interaction with the presenter and discussion.

The 2014 Curriculum

Date: July 8th

Course: The HR Buyer: What planet are they from and how do you speak their language?

Faculty: Kara Yarnot, CEO Meritage Talent Solutions (former VP/TA SAIC)

Date: August 12th

Course: Recruitment Advertising Agencies: Allies, obstacles or something else?

Faculty: Cindy Songne, Director Simply Hired

September 9th

Course: Combatting Commoditization: Strategies and tactics for dealing with the downward pressure on job posting prices

Faculty: Roberto Angulo, CEO

October 14th

Course: David vs. Goliath: How do niche sites compete with the big guys?

Faculty: Dan Honig, COO

November 11th

Course: A Symbiotic Relationship: How to work with LinkedIn so everyone benefits

Faculty: Steven Rothberg, President College Recruiter

December 9th

Course: Not Your Average Job Posting: Writing recruitment ads that engage top talent

Faculty: Jessica Levinson, CEO EnchantedCareers

Membership in the IAEWS – A Smart Investment

We’re all watching our budgets these days, so why invest in membership in the IAEWS? Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Twice-a-year meetings to network with other employment site executives
  • Interactions with senior HR and recruiting executives of global companies
  • Discounts on attending major industry and recruitment conferences
  • Free posting of press releases and white papers on the IAEWS site
  • The ability to attend the free Webinars presented in The IAEWS University
  • And much, much more.

With over 60,000 sites operated by its members worldwide, the IAEWS is the single best place to get the information, make the contacts and grab the opportunities that will promote your continued success.

For more details, please click here.

The New Golden Rules for Job Board Success

Written especially for those who own, operate or manage an employment Web-site, The New Golden Rules of Job Board Success: Four Principles for Optimizing Operational & Bottom Line Performance is a one-of-a-kind book!

Here’s how one industry executive described the book: “The New Golden Rules offers the most original thinking about job boards sine Monster created its first Super Bowl ad back in the last century”.

Sure, you’re busy, but this book is a quick and easy read. More importantly, it’s filled with never-before-published research findings and data that are sure to get you and your colleagues thinking outside-the-box, both about where your site is today and where it can be tomorrow.

So, get your copy today! It’s available at

The Best Customers Are Educated Recruiters

How can you help keep your customers’ skills up-to-date? Use WEDDLE’s Books to develop Webinars and training programs, white papers and newsletters full of helpful tips and techniques. Here are just a few of our current titles (to see them all, visit

The Talent Sourcing & Recruitment Handbook. This is Shally Steckerl’s tell-all guide to his sourcing secrets and cybersleuthing for hard-to-find talent.

Finding Needles in a Haystack. This one-of-a-kind, 3-volume guide lists over 25,000 keywords and keyword phrases, across 5,400 job and position titles in 28 industries and professions.

The Career Activist Republic describes an untapped source of talent in the American workforce. These Career Activists never, ever look for a job, but they are always searching for a career advancement opportunity. They are branding themselves as “persons of talent’ and forcing employers to change the way they recruit and manage new hires.

WEDDLE’s Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet. This is the 11th edition of the Guide the American Staffing Association called the “Zagat” of job boards and social media sites.

WEDDLE’s Guide to Association Web Sites. This book details the recruiting resources and capabilities that are available at the Web-sites of over 3,000 professional and technical associations.