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ReSI Nominations Due in Just 4 Days

ReSI Nominations Due in Just 4 Days

Nominations for the 2015 Recruiting Service innovation Awards (the ReSIs) are due in just 4 days. Don’t miss the May 31st deadline for this prestigious global recognition.

Conducted by the International Association of Employment Web Sites, the ReSIs are a global competition that recognizes and celebrates the Innovators and Innovations in the employment solutions industry that have optimized the recruiter’s experience.


  • Your CEO or another influencer in your organization;
  • Your organization, itself;
  • One or more of your organization’s products or services;
  • Or all three!

There’s no limit to how much recognition you can achieve. The nomination form is short, but the PR value is long-lasting.

Nominations are due Not Later Than May 31, 2015. Download your nomination form here.