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Recruiters Have Careers Too

And, in today’s economy, they need to protect them! Even the best of recruiters have found themselves laid off by their employer or at a dead end in their organization.

How can you protect yourself?

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    Magenta Squirrels

    The term “purple squirrels” has recently come into vogue as a moniker for rare talent. It’s typically used to describe individuals who have especially hard-to-find skills. And, that’s the problem. While recruiting a person who has such a skill can seem like a victory, it can and all too often does fall short of that.

    People with rare skills are now more important than cash. Many of the country’s largest employers are sitting on piles of the green stuff, but can’t find the purple squirrels they need to grow. Whether it’s someone who can program in Ruby on Rails or manage complex projects, whether it’s a skilled machinist or a systems engineer with a top secret clearance, these hard-to-find workers are the paramount challenge for recruiters today.

    The key to success is not as straight forward as it might at first seem, however. You see, not all purple squirrels are created equal, at least in terms of their potential contribution on-the-job. If you believe academicians, talent follows a normal distribution in the workforce. Or to put it more bluntly, just 15 percent of those purple squirrels are superior performers. The rest are also-rans or worse.

    This best of the rarest skill cohort is most accurately described as magenta squirrels. Now, admittedly, magenta is a variation of purple, but the dictionary classifies it as a rare color. So, think of magenta squirrels as talent that’s so good at their rare skill, they not only excel at their own work, they raise the performance level of their coworkers, as well. They are, in a very real sense, profit multipliers.

    Employers may be able to survive with “C” level purple squirrels, but they can only prosper with magenta ones. And, magenta squirrels must be recruited with methods that are different from those used with other talent. They’re harder to approach and even harder to motivate.

    Approaching & Motivating the Rarest of Squirrels

    As described in my book The Career Activist Republic, magenta squirrels have a number of personal characteristics that distinguish them from others in the workforce. These attributes determine who and what they will listen to, when contacted by recruitera. They are the secret to selling magenta squirrels.

    First, magenta squirrels listened to their mother. What was the first lesson your mother taught you? That’s right, don’t speak to strangers. Magenta squirrels will not consider an opening presented by a person they do not know. To recruit them, thereof, you have to know how to develop “blink relationships.” You must be able to build familiarity and trust in the blink of an eye.

    How are blink relationships established? By changing the focus of your communications. Don’t tell them what you want them to know – the “requirements and responsibilities” of the job – but instead, communicate what they want to know. Answer these questions:

  • What will I get to do?
  • What will I get to accomplish?
  • What will I get to learn?
  • With whom will I get to work?
  • How will I be recognized and rewarded?
  • Second, magenta squirrels are almost always employed. In order to recruit them, therefore, you have to convince them to do the one thing we humans most hate to do: change. You have to convince them to go from the devil they know – their current employer, boss and commute – to the devil they don’t know – a new employer, an unknown boss and a different commute.

    How do you make such an argument? Not with a job opening. Magenta squirrels are never motivated by a job, no matter how prestigious or well paying it may be. They are, however, triggered into action by an intriguing career advancement opportunity. What makes it intriguing? Answer these questions:

  • How does the employer support employees and enable them to do their best work?
  • How does it communicate with employees and keep them informed?
  • What priority does it give to employee development and how is it provided?
  • What is its current and probable future track record among customers?
  • What are the vision and values of its leaders and is its mission important and respected?
  • Purple squirrels are people who possess skills few others have. Magenta squirrels are people who make an extraordinary contribution with those skills. A purple squirrel does the job. A magenta squirrel excels at it. Recruiting a purple squirrel is an accomplishment for the recruiter; recruiting a magenta squirrel is a victory for the employer by a recruiter with rare talent.

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