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Put Your Brand Where Buyers Will See It

Put Your Brand Where Buyers Will See It

During the first and third week of every month, WEDDLE’s delivers one of the most popular publications in the online employment industry. It’s Peter Weddle’s online newsletter about Best Practices in talent acquisition and leadership. Over 35,000 recruiting and sourcing professionals and executives read Peter’s insights and ideas and pass them along to their colleagues. When they do, they also see and share information about a single company: the newsletter’s exclusive sponsor.

WEDDLE’s Newsletter Sponsorship Program enables you to put your brand where buyers will see it. The sponsor is highlighted not once, but twice in the publication, providing extraordinary visibility for your site and its product and service offerings.

Spaces are limited–there is only one sponosr per issue–and spots are released on a first come-first served basis. So, don’t delay! Reserve your spots right away. Call WEDDLE’s at 203.964.1888.

Do You Have Your Copies of WEDDLE’s Books Yet?

WEDDLE’s 2007/8 books are now on the shelves of bookstores, public and academic libraries, career counseling centers, and college placement offices. What’s been the response so far? Consider this review for our Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet from the Career Planning and Adult Development Journal:

“WEDDLE’s ongoing commitment to providing real-time, real-world career industry information has resulted in an indispensable resource for the 21st century workforce and those who seek and secure talent.”

Our 2007/8 books include:

  • WEDDLE’s 2007/8 Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet. Called the “Zagat of the online employment industry” by the American Staffing Association, it provides full-page profiles of 350 of the best job boards in a range of occupations, industries and locations;
  • WEDDLE’s 2007/8 Directory of Employment Related Internet Sites. The “address book of the online employment industry,” it lists over 9,000 sites and organizes them by the occupational fields, industries and geographies on which they focus; and
  • WEDDLE’s 2007/8 Guide to Association Web Sites. The key to the “hidden talent market” online, it details the recruiting resources and capabilities that are provided at the Web-sites of over 1,900 associations and societies.
  • To order your copies, visit our 2007 catalog and secure server here or call 317.916.9424 right away.

    WEDDLE’s Virtual Flyer Program

    During the second and fourth week of every month, WEDDLE’s e-mails a marketing message consisting of three sections to its newsletter readers. Two of the sections provide content from WEDDLE’s; the third highlights a message from a single, select vendor. That message can be your virtual flyer!

    What’s special about WEDDLE’s Virtual Flyer Program?

  • If you’re looking for a low-cost way to reach recruitment advertising and services buyers across the U.S., throughout North America and around the globe, this is it. Dollar-for-dollar, there’s no more productive way to promote your marketing message.
  • If you want to put your message in front of one of the most loyal audiences of readers on the Web, here’s your chance. Your message will be seen and read so it’s the perfect way to promote specific products or services, build your organization’s brand or announce a special event.
  • If you want to reach top recruiting and HR professionals effectively and efficiently, there is no better platform than WEDDLE’s marketing messages to its newsletter readers. They’re timely, they’re targeted, and they’re easy to set up.
  • There’s only one spot available in each biweekly message. Once they’re taken, they’re gone, so reserve your spots right away. Call WEDDLE’s today at 203.964.1888.