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One Last Chance to Get Your Site Into WEDDLE’s Books

One Last Chance to Get Your Site Into WEDDLE’s Books

There’s Still Time

to Get Your Site into WEDDLE’s 2007 Books

IF You Submit Site Data By Wednesday, August 2, 2006

WEDDLE’s is the leading publisher of print guides to job boards and career portals. Its flagship publications are read by third party and corporate recruiters and by job seekers all over the world. These books include:

  • WEDDLE’s Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet
  • WEDDLE’s Directory of Employment-Related Internet Sites, and
  • WEDDLE’s Guide to Association Web Sites.
  • For more information about these publications, please visit the Catalog at WEDDLE’s Web-site (

    How important is it that your site appear in WEDDLE’s publications? The American Staffing Association has called WEDDLE’s the “Zagat of the online employment industry.” In other words, its books can give your site extraordinary visibility at absolutely no cost.

    How can you make sure your site is included? WEDDLE’s site profiles are based on the infor-mation that sites provide. The more complete the information, the more visibility a site receives.

    To provide WEDDLE’s with information about your site’s features, services ands fees, please complete the following three steps:

    Step 1. Click here to download WEDDLE’s data collection template. Please note that we cannot accept data submitted in any other format.

  • Please submit a separate template for each site you would like to have WEDDLE’s feature. The data provided for each site must be unique to that site.
  • Step 2. Fill out the template using the guidelines below to ensure accuracy and completeness. Completing the template should take about 15 minutes.

  • Please follow the guidelines carefully as WEDDLE’s will only publish data that conform to them. If you have any questions, call WEDDLE’s at 203.964.1888.
  • Step 3. Return the form to WEDDLE’s by e-mailing it to You can confirm WEDDLE’s receipt of your template(s) by e-mail to or by calling 317.916.9424.

    Guidelines for Completing WEDDLE’s Data Collection Template

    The following instructions refer to specific data fields on the template.

    Number of people who visit the site:

    Please report in unique visitors/month. Do not provide hits or user sessions.

    Time spent on site:

    Please report in page views/month. Do not provide time visitors spend on the site.

    Number of job postings:

    Submit an annual average of the jobs posted on your site or the total number of jobs posted as of the date you complete the template.

    Number in database:

    Submit the total number of candidate resumes or profiles currently in your site’s database as of the date you complete the template. This question refers only to databases that are accessible by employers and/or recruiters (for a fee or at no charge). If yours is not, please enter N/A.

    Top salary levels of jobs: (Please choose any two):

  • Hourly
  • $20-30K
  • $31-50K
  • $51-75K
  • $76-100K
  • $101-150K
  • $151-200K
  • $200K+
  • Source of postings: (Please choose no more than two):

  • Employers
  • Agency
  • Other sites
  • Fee to view resumes: (Please choose only one):

  • Fee-indicate what the fee is
  • None
  • Included in posting fee
  • How acquired: (Please choose no more than two):

  • Individuals
  • Resume cos.
  • Spiders
  • Other-specify
  • Who can post a resume: (Please choose only one):

  • Anyone
  • Alumni only
  • Members only
  • In an industry
  • In a field
  • If registered
  • Don’t Miss Out On This Great Opportunity

    It’s not often that an organization is able to promote its site to employers, recruiters and job seekers all over the world and at absolutely no cost. Appearing in one or more WEDDLE’s publications does just that. We hope you will agree and choose to participate.

    REMEMBER: WEDDLE’s must have your stie data not later than Wednesday, August 2, 2007.