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Next Practices: Build a Talent Universe

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  • A Free Hotel Room & More at This Recruiting Conference
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Next Practices: Build a Talent Universe

Perhaps you saw it in the news – Einstein was right. Researchers have now confirmed that when there’s a cataclysm in the cosmos, it ripples the fabric of space and time. Said another way, when something big happens in space – like two black holes colliding – the impact shakes the very nature of existence. That same effect could soon happen in recruitment advertising. The rise of ad blockers will fundamentally alter the world and work of recruiters.

Like colliding black holes, ad blockers are now rattling the foundation of online advertising. PageFair and Adobe recently published a report with the following statistics:

    • Almost 200 million people globally, 45 million in the U.S. are now using ad blocking apps;
  • That’s a 41 percent increase globally, a 48 percent increase in the U.S. in just one year; and
  • The use of such apps cost advertisers – including employers and recruiters – $22 billion in 2015 alone.

Now, if you’re only interested in recruiting among the 16 percent of the population that is actively in transition, this situation is probably not a cause for concern. Active job seekers are not likely to use ad blockers because they actually want to see job alerts and any other form of job advertising that comes their way.

However, if you’d like your ads to be seen, as well, by the other 84 percent of the population – the ones we describe as passive job seekers – well then, ad blockers are potentially a very big problem. In fact, it’s not hyperbole to say that ad blockers aren’t a ripple in space and time, they’re a tsunami that’s about to crash down on any employer trying to recruit from the entire workforce.

So, what’s to be done? Is there any way to protect your organization from this impending cataclysm? Absolutely.

    • First, write great ads and post them on employment sites that offer a value proposition for passive as well as active job seekers. Those prospects aren’t “purple squirrels” – the employed talent who are impossible to recruit and most likely to use ad blockers – they are “magenta squirrels” – the employed talent who can be recruited because they’re interested in learning about career advancement opportunities.
  • Second, create an alternative universe for those magenta squirrels. This parallel dimension doesn’t prove Einstein’s theory of relativity; but it does establish the time and space for you to practice “recruitivity” – giving prospective hires a sense of what it’s actually like to be an employee of your organization.

The Power of Recruitivity

A talent universe is not a talent community, at least as those communities are currently conceived. Such collections of candidates remain outsiders; basically, they are (politely) asked to stand outside the door of an employer and wait until they are needed.

Recruitivity, in contrast, creates a universe parallel to that which actually exists inside an employer. The goal is to make those in the universe feel as if they are “proto-employees” – people who are within the organization’s sphere of engagement though not employed by it. Unlike the transactional experience of many talent communities, there is a collegial quality to the universe that both attracts and holds the interest of top talent.

Thatcollegial quality is achieved by the messaging that’s sent to those in the universe. While they should, of course, be notified of openings for which they are qualified, the preponderance of communications should describe the activities of the employees who would be their coworkers. In other words, they are informed not about the organization – its products, benefits and culture – but about their prospective peers – their work, accomplishments and values.

For example, the messaging might celebrate the conference presentations, bowling team victories, blood drives and promotions of employees as well as their project assignments, contributions to the community and published articles. Done well, these communications will provide a picture of “life” inside the organization and thus a sense of the environment in which a magenta squirrel could be working, growing and accomplishing.

Recruitivity creates a kind of social gravity that attracts and hangs onto top talent among passive prospects. When used in conjunction with well written job ads posted in the right places, it can be a powerful way to overcome the destructive force of ad blockers in the search for intelligent life in cyberspace.

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Next Practices – The Book

Best Practices are so yesterday! They are sourcing and recruiting techniques designed for a time that has passed.

Next Practices are strategies and tactics for winning the real War for the Best Talent – the one you actually face today and will face tomorrow. They will maximize your success by modernizing your approach to:

  • Recruitment Advertising
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  • Managing Your Own Recruiting Career

so you maximize your success.

The book is composed of short, straight-to-the-point essays that can be read in ten or fifteen minutes and still transport you to a whole new dimension in the state-of-the art for recruiting and sourcing talent. With titles like Become a Talent Whisperer, Post-Social Recruiting, The Inconvenient Truth of Recruiting and Don’t Post a Job, Advertise Respect, they are sure to entertain and enlighten you.

So, don’t recruit with yesterday’s techniques. Get Next Practices and start recruiting right now with the next generation of recruiting mastery.

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A Prescription for the Soul

Is the sun rising or setting on the American Dream?

A Prescription for the Soul answers that question with two parallel stories.

One is a coming-of-age tale about a group of American teenagers – Army brats – living on a small U.S. Army garrison in Verona, Italy in 1963. They spend their weekends exploring the ancient city of Venice … and themselves … as they try to understand the social and political upheaval taking place back home. And then without warning, they are thrust into a crisis that will shape their lives and their view of the American Dream.

The other is a coming-of-wisdom tale about those same teenagers – now aging Baby Boomers – living on the Gold Coast of Connecticut in 2007. They spend their days exulting in their exclusive class … the 1-percenters of 21st Century America … even as they confront the despair inflicted on others by their own corruption and greed. Then once again, they find themselves facing a crisis, but this one will shape the lives of their children and the legacy of their generation.

A timeless saga of growth and redemption and an unwavering examination of the challenges facing America today.

This historical novel is not yet in bookstores, but you can read a free excerpt and order a pre-publication copy of the book at

The Recruiting Resources You Deserve

The best recruiters use the best resources to get the job done. And, when it comes to reaching top talent online, their choice is clear. It’s WEDDLE’s Books. Get yours today!

WEDDLE’s Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet. This is the 11th edition of the Guide the American Staffing Association called the “Zagat” of job boards and social media sites.

The Talent Sourcing & Recruitment Handbook. This is Shally Steckerl’s tell-all guide to his sourcing secrets and cybersleuthing for hard-to-find talent.

WEDDLE’s Guide to Association Web Sites. This book details the recruiting resources and capabilities that are available at the Web-sites of over 3,000 professional and technical associations.

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