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Best Practices are so yesterday! They are sourcing and recruiting techniques designed for a time that has passed.

Next Practices are strategies and tactics for winning the real War for the Best Talent – the one you actually face today and will face tomorrow. They modernize your approach to:

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  • Managing Your Own Recruiting Career

so you maximize your success.

The book is composed of short, straight-to-the-point essays that can be read in ten or fifteen minutes and still transport you to a whole new dimension in the state-of-the art for recruiting and sourcing talent. With titles like Become a Talent Whisperer, Post-Social Recruiting, The Inconvenient Truth of Recruiting and Don’t Post a Job, Advertise Respect, they are sure to entertain and enlighten you.

So, don’t recruit with yesterday’s techniques. Get Next Practices and start recruiting right now with the next generation of recruiting mastery.

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The 5 Minute Job Posting

Recruiters often say they don’t have the time to write the kind of job posting that will attract the interest and ultimately the applications of passive, high caliber talent. It’s not that they don’t know how, but rather that they have too many reqs to fill and are given too little information to describe an opening to its best advantage. What’s the solution? An ad that can be written with an egg timer or what I call the 5-Minute Job Posting.

The 5 Minute Job Posting uses the content, format and vocabulary that are most likely to pique the interest of top performers and persuade them to apply for an opening. The ad is easy to write because it involves taking one minute to answer each of just five questions. Collectively, those five answers form a powerful trigger that will motivate even the most passive of prospects.

But first, it’s important to understand the three principles on which the posting is based:

  • Number 1: Top performers do not concern themselves with a job’s “Requirements” and “Responsibilities.” In fact, they think those are words only an employer could love. They describe what an employer wants a candidate to know about its opening, rather than what the candidate want s to know – which is “What’s In It For Them.”
  • Number 2: Top performers do not read job postings; they scan them. They have the attention span of a gnat, so they simply will not slog through the thick, pithy paragraphs of most ads. What they want is information that is accessible in the blink of an eye, so job postings must be written in headlines and bullets.
  • Number 3: Top talent works for both money and satisfaction. In other words, an employer’s value proposition must feature both an external and an internal dimension. Its ad must prove to top talent that they will be able both to achieve conventional measures of success and do work that is meaningful and worthwhile.

The 5 Questions in the 5 Minute job Posting & Their Answers

External Dimension

Question #1: What will the person get to do?

Answer: In this position (do not use the word “job” – vocabulary matters), you will be able to:

  • Identify the most significant challenge or opportunity provided by the position.

Question #2: With whom will the person get to work?

Answer: In this position, you will be able to work side-by-side with:

  • Describe the caliber of the coworkers or the culture of the team associated with the position.

Internal Dimension

Question #3: What will the person get to learn?

Answer: In this position, you will be able to acquire:

  • Indicate the developmental opportunities presented by the work performed in the position.

Question #4: What will the person be able to accomplish?

Answer: In this position, you will be able to achieve/contribute/support:

  • Detail the potential impact or significance of the work to be performed in the position.

Internal & External Dimensions

Question #5: How will the person be recognized and rewarded?

Answer: In this position, your work will be acknowledged by:

  • Indicate the way(s) the person will advance themselves in their field and career in the position.

That’s it – the 5 Minute Job Posting. Five questions each of which takes just a minute to answer, but those answers combine to form a narrative that is engaging and, equally as important, compelling to top talent.

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The Recruiting Resources You Deserve

The best recruiters use the best resources to get the job done. And, when it comes to reaching top talent online, their choice is clear. It’s WEDDLE’s Books. Get yours today!

WEDDLE’s Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet. This is the 11th edition of the Guide the American Staffing Association called the “Zagat” of job boards and social media sites.

The Talent Sourcing & Recruitment Handbook. This is Shally Steckerl’s tell-all guide to his sourcing secrets and cybersleuthing for hard-to-find talent.

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2014 User’s Choice Award Winners

If you’re tired of reading the pundits’ picks for the best employment sites on the Web, here’s the alternative you’ve been looking for.

Each year, WEDDLE’s hosts an online poll for job seekers and recruiters to vote for THEIR picks of the best sites. We call it the User’s Choice Awards.

To see the 2014 winners, click here.

To cast your vote for next year’s winners, click here.

A One-of-a-Kind Recruitment Tool

WEDDLE’s Directory of Employment Web Sites is a one-of-a-kind database of job boards, social media sites, career portals, aggregators, employment-related search engines, job ad distribution companies, recruitment blogs and other recruiter resources. Its 9,000+ entries are organized by occupational field, industry, geographic focus and other specializations (e.g., diversity, veterans).

If you want to:

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