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Rose Tinted Glasses

Too many employers these days are wearing rose tinted glasses. They think their employment brand is what they say about their values, benefits and work experience. It isn’t. If you look at an organization through the critical lens of top talent, an organization’s brand isn’t words, it’s deeds.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Having a written employment brand statement is very important. It is, however, only half of your employment brand, at least for high caliber candidates.

You see, the best talent are good consumers. In other words, they expect a vendor or an employer to create a brand that magnifies what’s best about their product or employment experience.

The vendor’s or employer’s definition of what’s best, however, may not be the same as theirs. So, what do they do? They test drive or try out whatever they’re being offered.

Now, that’s relatively easy to do for a car or a flat screen TV, but it’s much more difficult when you’re trying to evaluate an employer. With the exception of intern programs, there’s simply no way to get a realistic look at what it’s like to work for an organization.

So, what does the best talent do? They create a surrogate. They use the employer’s recruiting process to gauge its employment experience. In essence, the best talent believe that the way they are treated as candidates is a good approximation of how they will be treated as employees.

Optimizing the Candidate Experience

That simple truism is the principal reason for all of the recent concern about “optimizing the candidate experience.” More than well written job postings, more than a cool career area on your corporate Web-site, more than a scintillating social media program, putting your organizational best foot forward during your recruiting process will spell the difference between winning and losing the War for the Best Talent.

So, how do you optimize the candidate’s experience? Simple, you walk the talk.

You set expectations with your brand statement about what it will be like to work for your employer AND you illustrate that experience with the organizational structure and employee behaviors that characterize your recruiting process. You make sure that everything that’s said and done to evaluate the candidate ALSO illustrates your employer’s core values and culture. Or to put it another way, you take off your rose tinted glasses and make sure you look your best through the critical lens of top talent.

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Be At Your Best With the Best Tools

The best recruiters use the best resources to get the job done. And, when it comes to reaching top talent online, their choice is clear. It’s WEDDLE’s Books. Get yours today!

WEDDLE’s Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet. This is the 11th edition of the Guide the American Staffing Association called the “Zagat” of job boards and social media sites.

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WEDDLE’s Guide to Association Web Sites. This book details the recruiting resources and capabilities that are available at the Web-sites of over 3,000 professional and technical associations.

Finding Needles in a Haystack. This one-of-a-kind guide lists over 25,000 keywords and keyword phrases, across 5,400 job and position titles in 28 industries and professions.

Recruiters Have Careers Too

Recruiters have careers too. And, in today’s economy, they need to protect them! Even the best of recruiters have found themselves laid off by their employer or at a dead end in their organization.

How can you protect yourself?

Get Peter Weddle’s new guide, The Career Fitness Workbook. It’s available at

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  • From ancillary skill development and work pacing to soul work and gathering career intelligence, the book introduces a powerful blend of the best traditional practices and state-of-the-art techniques for effective job search and career self-management in today’s uncertain times.
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The Best Online Recruitment Tool Ever

WEDDLE’s Directory of Employment Web Sites is a one-of-a-kind database of job boards, social media sites, career portals, aggregators, employment-related search engines, job ad distribution companies, recruitment blogs and other recruiter resources. Its 9,000+ entries are organized by occupational field, industry, geographic focus and other specializations (e.g., diversity, veterans).

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The database is delivered to users online and is both internally searchable and suitable for downloading into a CRM system.

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