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Make Your Selection:

The Career Fitness Workbook
How to Find, Win & Keep the Job of Your Dreams
By Peter Weddle

Are you looking for a new or better job? Do you want to increase both the paycheck and the satisfaction you bring from work? Then, you need The Career Fitness Workbook.

Whether you’re just entering the workforce or have years of experience, whether you’re unemployed or seeking a more rewarding position, the Career Fitness System will show you how to achieve lasting success in today’s challenging new world of work.

You’ll be shown the best ways to:

Discover your unique talent – what you love to do and do best.

Set rewarding career goals – “career victories” that are meaningful to you.

Build the resume you deserve – a record that every employer will respect.

Find your Dream Team – the right employer and coworkers for you.

And much, much more!

And, at just $14.95, it’s the smartest investment you will ever make in your future.

$14.95 ISBN: 9781928734734


A Multitude of Hope
A Novel About Rediscovering the American Dream.
By Peter Weddle

The American Dream is over. That's what more than a few people are saying. But, they're wrong.

A Multitude of Hope traces the experiences of three laid-off professionals – all Baby Boomers, but they could be Americans of any age. Their search for reemployment feels like a journey through a modern heart of darkness.

Along the way, however, something extraordinary happens. One of them is contacted by a secret online group of activists called Walden 4G. Its mission? To hack the privileges of investment bankers and hedge funders and destroy their hold on America's workplace. To practice, as they put it, "economic disobedience."

Drawing on the self-reliance of Thoreau's Walden and the quest for an American utopia in B.F. Skinner's Walden Two, Walden 4G shows the three job seekers a different way forward. This new pathway offers them revitalized careers but also requires rethinking their role at work. It confronts each of them with a stark choice: will they accept a familiar but diminished future or will they reset themselves and reclaim the hope-fulness of the American Dream? Ripped right from today's headlines, A Multitude of Hope reveals the inescapable choice that every American must now make.

$14.95 ISBN: 978-1-92873471-0


The Success Matrix
Wisdom from the Web to Get Hired & Not Fired
By Peter Weddle

As the Executive Director of the International Association of Employment Web Sites, the trade organization for jobs boards, career portals and social media sites, Peter Weddle has had a uniquely close look at the evolving nature of the workplace.

He's now shared that knowledge in The Success Matrix, a collection of dozens of short, easy-to-read articles organized into two sections:

  • How to Find a New or Better Job in a Tough Job Market and
  • How to Hang Onto Your Job in an Unpredictable Economy.

The book covers the new way employers are staffing their organizations, the resulting changes in the dynamics of employment, and the principles and practices for achieving job search and career success. It’s wisdom that will work for you!

$14.95 ISBN: 978-1-92873470-3


Job Nation: The 100 Best Employment Sites on the Web
By Peter Weddle

There are millions of jobs posted online every day. Many are among the best opportunities in the workplace.

How do you find them? Use the best employment sites on the Internet.

How do you know which of the 100,000 job boards, career portals and social media sites are the best? Peter Weddle has featured them in Job Nation: The 100 Best Employment Sites on the Web.

Weddle is an expert in job boards and other career sites on the Internet. In fact, the American staffing Association called him the "Zagat of the online employment industry."

Whether you’re looking for a new job or a better one, don't wander around online wasting time. Use Job Nation to find the sites that will work for you.

$14.95     ISBN: 978-1-92873469-7

The Career Activist Republic
By Peter Weddle

A revolution of workplace liberation is sweeping across America.  Don’t miss it!

The nation’s working men and women aren’t becoming free agents.  They’re transforming themselves into “freed agents” … into career activists.  And you can join them!

The Career Activist Republic is based on three startling ideas:

  • Every human being is a person of talent—they are endowed with a capacity for excellence which enables them to accomplish extraordinary feats at work.
  • In today’s turbulent global marketplace, employers are no longer hiring even perfectly qualified candidates—what they want, what they need to employ is talent.
  • That new dependency empowers every American to work for him or herself while being employed by someone else—to create employment security they can actually count on even in difficult times.

The Career Activist Republic will reaffirm your faith in the American Dream
and give you the tools to construct it for yourself.

“The most innovative and exhilarating examination of the American workplace since The Free Agent Nation, and one that makes more sense.”

$16.95      ISBN 978-1-92873454-3

The All Pro Career Pocket Planner
The Career Fitness Regimen

There are 7 facets to a healthy career, and this little guide identifies the practices that will help you address each and all of them.

The All Pro Career Pocket Planner is a shirt-pocket-sized booklet of 76 pages packed with success secrets.  It describes the Career Fitness Regimen, the only comprehensive set of daily, weekly and monthly activities for building up the power and promise of your career.

Drawn from the pages of Peter Weddle’s groundbreaking book, Work Strong: Your Personal Career Fitness System, the Pocket Planner will help you

  • strengthen your competitiveness if you’re looking for a new job


  • build up your capacity to excel if you’re looking for greater satisfaction in the job you have.

It provides everything you need to become the champion at work you were meant to be.

“The absolute right resource for anyone who wants to prosper,
not simply survive in today’s challenging world of work.”

$2.95      ISBN 978-1-92873467-3

Work Strong
Your Personal Career Fitness System
By Peter Weddle

Work Strong: Your Personal Career Fitness System is a career book that will help you find a new or better job, advance your career and increase both the paycheck and the satisfaction you bring home from work.

Designed specifically for the challenging workplace of the 21st Century:

  • This book not only tells you what to do for career success, but when, where and how to do it.

  • Work Strong presents the Career Fitness System which includes both a revolutionary philosophy of work and a regimen of daily, weekly and monthly activities that empower you to reach for and achieve the champion inside you.

    It is an innovative, yet practical guide to successful career self-management that is appropriate for everyone from senior executives and seasoned professionals to recent graduates and those who are reentering the workforce after an extended absence.

  • This book is unlike any career guide you’ve ever read—it is neither conventional nor boring.

    Work Strong presents all of the information, self-improvement worksheets and self-advancement exercises you need to build a career with strength, endurance and resilience in the 21st Century.

    It also enables you to visualize success in personal career management by presenting a fictional account of what it would be like to Work Strong.
In today’s world of work, you have only two choices: you can be the master of your career or you can be its victim. Get the tools you need to take charge of the one-third or more of your life you spend at work. Get Work Strong today!

$24.95    ISBN 978-1-92873447-5
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Recognizing Richard Rabbit
By Peter Weddle

Recognizing Richard Rabbit is a fable for working adults and those who will be, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first time job seeker, a college junior or a senior executive. It’s a little book that will have a huge impact on your sense of fulfillment and success in the world of work.

In the genre of Who Moved My Cheese?, this tale recounts the adventures of some forest animals who discover the secret to authentic living. Unlike any other book of its kind, however, it’s a story that’s told in two synchronized journeys: one in fiction—the fable—and the other in nonfiction—a parallel self-interview. Together, they invite you to tap into both your creative and analytic talents and learn how you can become the person of your dreams.

Why is that important? Because the first step toward genuine and enduring happiness is recognizing your own true self. When you express and experience that unique person in your career and your life, you empower yourself to be the best you can be. And it’s that superlative version of yourself who grants you the profound contentment, the deep sense of satisfaction that comes from having fulfilled your destiny.

$11.95       ISBN 978-1-92873444-4

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WEDDLE's 2011/12 Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet
By Peter Weddle

The American Staffing Association called it the "Zagat of online employment."

Published every other year since 1999, WEDDLE's Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet is the Gold Standard of guides to the 100,000+ recruitment services and job search support sites now operating on the Web. It covers:

  • Social media sites
  • Professional networking sites
  • Career portals
  • Job boards
  • and more!

The Guide's one-of-a-kind information is organized into two sections:

  • The Top 100, our pick of the 100 best employment sites on the Internet. Each site is described with a full page profile of its features, services and fees.
  • The Best and the Rest, a directory of over 10,000 sites organized by the career field, industry and geographic location in which they specialize.

In these challenging times, being a smart consumer of the employment resources available online is essential to success. So, shop like a champ! Get WEDDLE’s all new 2011/12 Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet TODAY.

$49.95 ISBN 9781928734680


WEDDLE's Guide to Association Web Sites

A growing number of professional associations and societies are now offering job search and career management resources on their Web-sites. WEDDLE’s Guide to Association Web Sites makes sure you can find and use them.

Completely updated for this our 4th edition, WEDDLE’s Guide to Association Web Sites is the only reference of its kind in print. It lists the Web-sites of over 3,000 associations and indicates whether they offer a job board, a resume database and a discussion forum or bulletin board for online professional networking. In addition, the book is organized for easy use, listing the sites by occupational field, industry or other work-related specialization served by the association (e.g., diversity, veterans).

Why is this information important? Because employers and recruiters believe that some of the best prospects for their open positions are found among the membership of associations. From their perspective, these individuals have demonstrated both a commitment to self-improvement in their field and a sense of personal responsibility for such development. And those attributes, in turn, enable them to make a superior contribution on-the-job.

So, what should you do? Use WEDDLE’s Guide to find the international, national, regional and state associations that serve your career field, your employment situation (e.g., senior executive, entry level professional, women in technology) and industry. Evaluate the options (again using WEDDLE’s Guide) and join the groups that will best advance your career. Then, put the job search and self-improvement resources of those associations to work for you.

$49.95         ISBN 978-1-92873451-2

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WEDDLE’s Guide to Staffing Firms & Employment Agencies

Temporary, contract or part time work may not normally be your cup of tea, but the American Staffing Association reports that one-third of those who take such positions are ultimately hired for a full time job by the organization where they were assigned to work. To put it another way, when you’re looking for a new or better job, it often pays to work with a staffing firm to get your foot in the door.

Staffing firms and employment agencies, however, vary widely in the kinds of employers they serve, the kinds of jobs they fill and the locations where they operate. How can you pinpoint which will best serve your job search? Get WEDDLE’s Guide to Staffing Firms & Employment Agencies.

This one-of-a-kind guide is easy to use and effective. It enables you to search thousands of staffing firms nationwide by organizing them according to the career fields, industries and geographic locations in which they specialize. Even better, it also provides the URL of their Web-site so that you can then research and evaluate them and contact those that will best serve your employment goals.

Today’s job market is a challenge for everyone. WEDDLE’s Guide to Staffing Firms & Employment Agencies gives you an alternative strategy for success by identifying part time, contract and temporary employment opportunities with great full time employment potential.

$49.95       ISBN 978-1-92873445-1

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Fast Facts on Job Boards

If you’re short of time and need to find the best job boards in your field, then WEDDLE’s WIZNotes: Fast Facts on Job Boards are the answer. These handy, little guides are the “CliffsNotes” to the top job boards on the Internet.

Today, the Internet is the fast track to great employment opportunities. With over 100,000 job boards now operating online, however, it's hard to know which sites will serve you best.

How can you find your dream job on the Internet? With WEDDLE's WIZNotes! These compact guides give you everything you need—and nothing more—to find your dream job online. A WIZNotes provides just the right information to find and select the job boards and career portals that will work best for you.

Each WIZNotes lists the key sites in a specific career field or employment situation. The sites are profiled with a range of information that includes a screen shot of their home page, a self-description, the date they began operating on the Internet, their geographic coverage and whether they offer job postings, a resume database and a job agent (which automatically informs you of openings for which you may be qualified).

There are separate WIZNotes for:

Finance & Accounting professionals,
Sales & Marketing professionals,
Human Resource professionals,
Managers & Executives,
Recent College Graduates.
Women Professionals

These handy guides are updated all year long at WEDDLEs.com. They never go out of date, and best of all, they’re priced for everyone's budget.

Each WIZNotes $12.95

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Finding a Job on the Web

Half of all employers now fill a quarter or more of their jobs on the Internet. These opportunities are at all levels of seniority, in all career fields and industries, and in every region of the country. How can you find the one you want? Get WEDDLE’s WIZNotes: Finding a Job on the Web today.

WEDDLE’s WIZNotes: Finding a Job on the Web is a complete online job search campaign in a book. Short, but filled with practical tips and powerful techniques, this primer will help you take full advantage of the employment information and job opportunities available on the Internet.

It includes everything you need to know about:

  • Developing an effective online job search campaign,
  • Protecting your confidentiality when looking for a job online,
  • Using online discussion areas to get the inside scoop on employers,
  • Networking to new and old contacts online,
  • Using commercial job boards, employer sites and other online job posting areas,
  • Distributing your resume over the Internet and posting it safely and accurately in resume databases,
  • Finding information online that will give you an edge in interviews,
  • And much, much more.

Whether you’re a recent college graduate, a mid-career professional or a seasoned executive, whether you spend a lot of time online or rarely go there, this “job seeker friendly” guide will put the Internet to work for you.

$12.95       ISBN 1928734340

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Writing a Great Resume

For most of us, writing a resume is like getting a root canal. It has to be done, but the process can be long and painful. Now, however, there’s a way to avoid all that misery and still get the resume you deserve. How? With WEDDLE’s WIZNotes: Writing a Great Resume.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a first-time job seeker, a salesperson, a scientist or an engineer, a well written resume is the key to finding the job you want. Unlike novel-length resume books, however, WEDDLE’s WIZNotes: Writing a Great Resume is a no-frills, step-by-step guide that will save you time and get your resume done right. It’s short, but to the point. And that makes it an effective resource in today’s challenging job market.

The book covers everything you need to know about:

  • Selecting the best print resume type for you (chronological, functional, or hybrid),

  • Writing a resume that will open doors for you,

  • Writing an electronic resume that can be scanned into the computers now used by many HR Departments,

  • Writing an Internet resume that can be transmitted over the World Wide Web effectively,

  • And much, much more.

This no-nonsense, get-the-job-done guide will show you how to write a resume that will effectively highlight your capabilities and experience. Whether you need a quick refresher or are writing your very first resume, WEDDLE’s WIZNotes: Writing a Great Resume will give you everything you need to know … and nothing more! It helps you save time and achieve career success.

$12.95     ISBN 1928734359

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'Tis of Thee
A Son’s Search for the Meaning of American Patriotism

 By Peter Weddle

When you sit around the dinner table with your kids, do you ever talk about patriotism? Sure, you know what it feels like, but can you tell them what it means? Do you have the words to describe how patriotism is expressed and why it’s important? If not, 'Tis of Thee is for you.

On September 11, 2001, the United States of America was attacked by terrorists. For those of us who lived through their horrific acts, the day began bright with hope and possibilities and ended dark with despair and fear.

As with the attack on Pearl Harbor, the day’s events changed the focus of our lives. America was a nation consumed with its pursuit of Happiness on the morning of September 11th; by the evening of that day, it was united in its determination to protect and preserve Life and Liberty for ourselves and our families, for our present and our future.

This book is about American patriotism. It is an intensely personal book—not unlike Tuesdays With Morrie—written largely in the two years prior to the terrorist assault on this country. It was finished in the week immediately following the attack.

The book recounts the year-long “conversation” between a son and his father, between a living American and one resting in Arlington National Cemetery. Their topics range from the Vietnam War to the American Dream, but always, their conclusion is the same: America is as good, as vibrant, as hopeful as the patriotism of we, its people.

$9.95           ISBN 1928734049

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WEDDLE’s Newsletter
For Job Seekers & Career Activists

We live in a fast-paced, often dangerous world that is always changing. How can you avoid the perils and grab hold of the opportunities in the job market? Spend a cup of coffee or a soda with Peter Weddle’s free, biweekly online newsletter about career success.

There are hundreds of newsletters available on the Internet, so why should you bother with one written by WEDDLE’s Publisher, Peter Weddle? Well, we think there are at least three reasons:

  • Reason #1: He offers a blend of job search strategy and tactics, of concept and “how to do it” that is unique and especially helpful.

  • Reason #2: The newsletter is delivered every two weeks right to your e-mailbox, so you get fresh information where you want it, right away.

  • Reason #3: It’s absolutely free, so the only investment you have to make is your time.

Peter covers WEDDLE’s latest research into the most effective techniques for job search and career management. His topics include:

  • How to strengthen your employment credentials and make yourself more attractive to top employers,
  • When and how you should prepare for the next job in your career,
  • What you can do to give yourself lasting job security,
  • Why you should develop and practice healthy career habits,
  • The secrets to finding the best career advancement opportunities,
  • And much, much more.

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