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Job Board Journalist: The Once & Future job Board

The clarion cry – “job boards are dead” – has itself expired. Exposed for what it really was – a marketing ploy by a handful of social media consultants eager to pump up their own business – the term is now about as relevant as a gum eraser.

What does that mean for job boards? It’s time to stop playing defense and start playing offense. Now’s the time to step up and step forward. Not with the tactics of 1998 or even 2008, but with those appropriate for today’s (and tomorrow’s) marketplace. Here are three that will get you started.

Get to know your customers better. In today’s highly competitive talent acquisition solutions market, robust customer relationships are the lifeblood of success. And, user group meetings are the single best way to nurture them. They enable job boards to demonstrate their subject matter expertise, improve recruiters’ use of their products, introduce new product developments, and gather feedback from their customers – all at one time.

User group meetings were prevalent in the early years of the industry, but are now used much less frequently because of their cost. So, take a different approach. Implement “cooperative user group meetings.” Partner with several non-competitive job boards and share the cost. You’ll be able to engage your own customers and introduce your site to others, all while keeping a lid on the expense of conducting a special event.

Reset your brand and your business model. Employers today have neither the patience nor the time to shop at multiple sources for the talent acquisition products and services they need. They are, as a consequence, moving to big box solutions – one-stop shops that can deliver a range of capabilities from which they can tailor a recruitment strategy that is right for their organization. They don’t expect (or even want) to get everything from one place, but they do want to deal with fewer, more capable resources.

To address this shift, job boards have to see themselves differently: they are no longer in business to sell recruitment advertising; they’re in business to provide “talent acquisition solutions” which include recruitment advertising. Expand your product line to incorporate the latest techniques in both recruitment advertising (e.g., programmatic ad buying, video job postings) and (through internal development or partnering) other recruitment products or services that are especially important to your customers.

Throw your weight around on the conference calendar. Job boards spend huge amounts of money every year exhibiting at recruitment conferences. In the past several years, however, presentations on the best practices in recruitment advertising have all but disappeared from their agendas. These events are happy to pocket job board cash, but don’t think job board-related content is important enough to feature – a notion which even a cursory review of the drivel that often passes for job postings quickly debunks.

There are numerous recruitment conferences on the calendar each year, and all of them are competing for exhibitor dollars. Use that reality to make your conference investments contingent on their providing a balanced agenda – one that includes content related to recruitment advertising as well as other aspects of talent acquisition. This is not pay to play, but rather “pay to promulgate.” You’re not pushing to get your company on the stage, but rather to get content on the program that will help recruiters achieve better outcomes when they use job boards.

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