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Job Board Journalist: Add Change, Stir, Pour

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The job board marketplace is attracting the attention of the big boys and girls.  Yes, I know the conventional wisdom is that Microsoft bought LinkedIn as a CRM play and not to get into the job board business.  But, the fact is that a $94 billion company just bought an employment site.  And, rumors persist that Google, a $67 billion company, is eyeing yet another shot at the job board business.  And then, of course, there was the acquisition of Indeed by Recruit, a $13 billion company.

What does it all mean?

There is the real if as yet undefined possibility that companies with very deep pockets might see employment as nifty new place to do some business.  So, what’s a job board to do?  How do you defend yourself, whether you’re an association career center, a niche job board, a general job board, a newspaper classifieds job board or some other version of the genre?

The answer is … be “mobiler”.

How Does a Site Become “Mobiler”?

Small companies beat big companies all the time, by being more creative, more innovative and more rapidly adaptive to the changing world around them.  Job boards can not only survive but prosper by applying those traits to the mobile experience.  They should, in a word, be “mobiler” than the big guys.

Better than eight-out-of-ten of the respondents to the 2016 TAtech-Job Board Doctor Global Job Board Survey said they had a mobile friendly version of their site.  Mobile friendly was defined as a responsive design, ensuring that the content, features and functionality would be preserved across platforms.

That’s a good first step, as mobile phones in general and smartphones in particular are now ubiquitous.  Indeed, a June report by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism found that smartphones are revolutionizing the way information is consumed.  Better than half of the respondents (53 percent) reported that they rely on their handheld devices to access news content.

That choice of words is important.  The respondents didn’t’ say they used their smartphone; they said they relied on it.  So for job boards, being accessible on a smartphone means that recruiters and job seekers alike can use the site to exchange information via a platform they rely on in other important aspects of their lives.

Being “mobiler,” however, involves more than a responsive design.  In all but a couple of very rare cases, that design is making a PC-based experience more accessible on a smartphone.  That’s convenient, yes, but is it an original and innovative recruitment advertising and job search experience?  Absolutely not.

Whether it’s called “mobile first” or a “native experience,” a better approach is to completely re-imagine what it means to advertise for talent and look for a new job on a small screen, hand-held device.  In other words, start by developing a mobile friendly version of your site and then, move on to create a mobile recruitment advertising and job search platform designed from the ground up to be engaging and useful on a smartphone.

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