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It’s Coming – Be Prepared

It’s Coming – Be Prepared

If it hasn’t happened already, it will very soon.

Your customers are going to ask about Programmatic Ad Buying.

Why? Because it reduces:

  • the risk inherent in the traditional business model of job postings
  • the uncertainty involved in determining the right job board to use.

So, don’t get caught without an answer. Attend the IAEWS Leadership Summit on Programmatic Ad Buying on June 30, 2015 in Chicago, IL.

Participation is open to:

  • Job boards
  • Social media sites
  • Aggregators
  • Recruitment Advertising Agencies
  • And employers.

However, the conference center can only accommodate 130 participants.

Register right now to ensure you can be there. Here’s the link to the agenda and registration portal.

Don’t wait another minute – register right now.