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Is Your Job Site Mobile-Ready?

Is Your Job Site Mobile-Ready?

Attention Job Site Professionals-

Smartphones have surpassed 125 million U.S. consumers and tablets are now owned by more than 50 million. In fact, there are more Apple iPhones sold per second than there are babies born in the world! According to comScore, we have officially crossed into the Brave New Digital World – a new paradigm of digital media in which consumers are always connected.

Users are 5x more likely to abandon a site that isn’t optimized for mobile use, according to a recent Google survey. Are your job seekers abandoning your site?

RealMatch helps job sites like yours keep job seekers engaged and informed about new job opportunities anywhere, all the time. Our free (yep, free of any license fees) white-labeled job site technology is fully mobile-enabled for job seekers and makes searching and applying for a job fast and easy. In fact, I invite you to take a look at our mobile solutions today with our virtual demo, where you can explore your options first-hand.

By the end of this year, 50% of all job searches are anticipated to be done on a mobile device.

Now’s the time to ask yourself – is your job site mobile-ready? Are you positioned to engage those 125 million smart phone users and potential job seekers?

Request a free demo today to review our mobile options and experience the power of performance-based recruitment advertising.

Don’t get left behind!


Sharifa R. Salaam | Director of Channel Development

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