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IAEWS Transforms Itself into TAtech: the Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions

IAEWS Transforms Itself into TAtech: the Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions

The International Association of Employment Web Sites (IAEWS) moved forward to the future at its Fall Congress on October 16-17, 2015 by announcing it has transformed itself into TAtech: The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions. It will now serve all organizations that advance talent acquisition through technology-based products and innovative services

Why the change? Because the industry the association represents has changed. Talent acquisition products and services have now become much more diverse and interdependent. While job boards, association career centers, digital classifieds and aggregators continue to play a central role in recruitment success, employers today are looking for integrated, multifaceted solutions that include applicant tracking systems, mobile apps, recruitment advertising agencies, cloud based products, ad buying exchanges, social media sites, talent networks, interviewing services, candidate screening and assessment services and more.

TAtech acknowledges this more complex environment and has the range of membership necessary to overcome its challenges and capture its opportunities. To that end, TAtech will continue to focus on providing its members with unparalleled access to education, networking, partnerships and alliances and research. In addition, it will now take on three new foci:

  • Advocacy: While the IAEWS Spring Congress (to be renamed the TAtech Industry Congress), will remain an industry-focused event, TAtech will now advocate for the industry among employers and recruiters by transforming its Fall Congress into the TAtech Expo, a customer-focused conference that will both promote technology-based talent acquisition innovations and best practices and feature the industry’s vendors and their products and services. In addition, the Association will launch TAtech EU next year to begin an annual conference series in the European Market.
  • Interoperability: With the growing number of different vendors, products and services producing ever more complexity and interdependence in the industry, TAtech will now work to optimize performance and promote customer return on investment by leveraging its conferences and other forums to facilitate open and continuous dialogue, understanding and coordination among all industry participants. For example, our Leadership Summit on Programmatic Ad Buying this past May attracted over 100 executives from both corporate employers and talent acquisition solutions companies and explored the key issues and opportunities related to this emerging capability in our industry.
  • Standardization: The proliferation of non-standardized terms and definitions in the industry is causing customer confusion and even performance shortfalls, so TAtech will also now empanel Member Working Groups to tap the expertise of practitioners in our field to develop generally accepted technical terms of art for the industry and then promulgate those terms to both customers and industry participants.

So if you live in North America, pack up your bags and join your European colleagues at the TAtech EU Congress (date and location to be announced shortly). And wherever you live, bring the family to DisneyWorld while you attend the TAtech Industry Congress in Orlando, Florida in April. But whatever you do, don’t miss the chance to exhibit at and/or attend the TAtech Expo – the only event focused exclusively on promoting TA technology enterprises and their products and services to the customers that need them.

Peter Weddle, CEO of TAtech, summarizes this new mission this way: “The individuals and organizations in the talent acquisition solutions industry deserve a trade association positioned to provide them with the insights, resources and connections they need to succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s marketplace. TAtech fills that role. Its expanded constituency and broader mission will advance crosstalk and collaboration among all of the industry’s product and service providers and thus enhance the capabilities of each of them.”

Over the next several months, TAtech will launch a new website and reshape it programs and activities for its expanded membership. Though those Members form a diverse community, they are all linked by the two terms in the association’s new name. They leverage state-of-the-art technology to promote talent acquisition that benefits both employers and recruiters and working men and women around the world.

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