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Human Resource Executive Magazine presents a FREE Webinar with Peter Weddle

Topic: Being Social: Enhancing Recruiting Activities and Talent Attraction

Date: May 15, 2012

Time: 2:30 p.m. ET

Duration: 1 Hour

Cost:This is a Complimentary Online Webinar

Event Description:

There’s both a science and an art to social recruiting. The science involves the formation of talent networks, both on an organization’s own systems and on various social-media sites. The art has to do with the messaging that is transmitted over those networks to engage and recruit talent. While considerable attention has been devoted to the former, we are still in the very early stages of developing best practices for the latter.

Initially, recruitment messaging on social networks was envisioned as a “contact sport.” The goal was to connect with a person about a specific employment opportunity. If they were not interested or not ready to consider the opening, in most cases, the communication ceased. The interaction was utilitarian and short-lived.

More recently, recruiters have recognized that social recruiting is not about contacts, but about relationships. The messaging isn’t a contact sport, but a team sport. In the best cases, it builds familiarity and trust among passive as well as active candidates, enabling an organization to source from a much broader pool of talent than the norm and one that may well include higher caliber performers.

To achieve that objective, however, social messaging in recruitment must be service-oriented and continuous. Candidates must see it as advancing their interests regardless of their willingness to consider any specific opportunity.

In this webinar, Peter Weddle, the author or editor of more than two dozen employment-related books and a former workplace columnist for The Wall Street Journal, will explore:

  • How to use the art of social recruiting to build “blink relationships” with candidates so they will feel comfortable considering an organization’s current openings.
  • How to use the art of social recruiting to build “red-shirt relationships” so they can build a pipeline of talent interested in being considered for an organization’s future openings.
  • What organizational issues must be addressed in order to implement an effective messaging campaign on internal-talent networks and external social-media sites.
  • Please join us for what is sure to be an informative event.

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