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Highlight Your Site in WEDDLE’s e-Newsletter

Highlight Your Site in WEDDLE’s e-Newsletter

WEDDLE’s e-Newsletter for Recruiters and HR Professionals is read by over 100,000 people every other week. It explores Best Practices and innovative ideas for employers and staffing firms waging the War for the Best Talent. According to several surveys, it is one of those rare online publications that subscribers actually look forward to receiving and talk about after reading.

Now, you can promote your site in this respected publication and to the extraordinary audience of potential customers it attracts. How? By sponsoring one or more issues of the newsletter. As with public television, only a single sponsor is accepted for each issue, and that sponsor is featured exclusively at the beginning and the end of the publication.

If you want to reach an audience of recruitment decision-makers and dedicated recruitment professionals, there’s no better way than a sponsorship in WEDDLE’s e-newsletter. For more information, please call Peter Weddle at 203.964.1888 or e-mail him at

Draw Customers In With Content They’ll Value

Are you trying to:

  • Build relationships with your current and prospective recruitment advertising clients?
  • Educate employers and staffing firms so that they’ll be better customers?
  • Position your Web-site as a community base for recruiters and HR professionals?
  • If so, you’ll want to consider WEDDLE’s new syndicated feature column program. Now, you can post an original article by WEDDLE’s publisher, Peter Weddle, every other week on your site. Use it to establish or enhance a “customer care center” on the site or as a special bonus that you send out to current and prospective clients. Whatever you decide to do, the program provides content from a brand that is known and respected among recruiters and HR professionals worldwide.

    The syndicated column is forwarded to your production team the minute it comes out of Peter’s word processor. The content is fresh and up-to-the-minute. It’s the perfect way to differentiate your site(s) and build loyalty among your clients. No less important, it’s extremely affordable. For more information, please call Peter Weddle at 203.964.1888 or e-mail him at

    Give Yourself a Holiday Gift That Will Work for You All Year Long

    Make your organization a member of the International Association of Employment Web Sites, your industry trade organization. You’ll reap real and important benefits when you do.

    As a member of the Association,

  • you’ll be better able to differentiate your site(s) from the back bedroom operations that confuse our customer base and hurt our reputations;
  • you’ll have a chance to contribute to the development of business standards and Best Practices in the industry, so that we can better educate our customers and manage their expectations;
  • you’ll receive quarterly research reports and newsletters that will give you important insights into industry trends, developments, issues and opportunities; and
  • you’ll be able to interact with and learn from your peers.
  • No less important, all of us–whether we are a job board or an employment site operated by a newspaper, an association, an affinity group or a school alumni organization–need this institution. While many of us are competitors, all of us depend on the health and reputation of our industry for our individual and collective success. And, that’s the full time mission of the International Association of Employment Web Sites–to promote its members as the Sources of Success(tm) that they are.

    For more information about the Association, please click here.