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Give Your College Student the Gift of Employment

A survey by the Associated Press found that over half of recent college graduates (53.6 percent) are either unemployed or underemployed. How can you help your college-aged son or daughter avoid that fate?

Give them Peter Weddle’s new guide, The Career Fitness Workbook. It’s available at

The book has a number of special features:

  • Organized just like a physical fitness regimen, the book tells you what to do to improve the health of your career, how to do it and – unique to the Career Fitness program – how often in order to maximize the employment benefits you derive from your efforts.
  • From online networking to high impact resumes, the book introduces a powerful blend of the best traditional practices and state-of-the-art techniques for effective job search and career self-management in today’s uncertain times.
  • Filled with worksheets and exercises, the book is a complete self-study program that delivers the knowledge and skills required for BOTH job search and career success, whether you’re graduating next spring or next year or the year after that.
  • The Career Fitness Workbook is available at

    Renewable Recruiting Excellence

    Sourcing and recruiting are hard work. At least, if they’re done right, they are. And hard work performed without let-up or recuperation time has serious repercussions. It wears you out, saps your productivity and drains your creativity. In short, unrelenting hard work sets you up for failure.

    As anybody with more than fifteen minutes of experience knows, there is too much work for too few hands in today’s workplace. Whether it’s called “doing more with less” or “a strategy to improve productivity,” the end result is the same. Every recruiter is drowning in a tsunami of unending requirements, deadlines and pressure.

    This environment is a threat to recruiters’ well being and their careers. They enjoy their work, so they should come home exhausted but fulfilled by their accomplishments. Today, however, exactly the opposite is happening. More and more recruiters feel exhausted before they even get to work. They are depleted of energy and thus unable to perform at their peak.

    Consider some of the data presented in a recent article in The New York Times, entitled “Relax! You’ll be More Productive.”

  • More than one-third of employees now eat their lunch at their desks so they can keep plowing through the unfinished work piled there.
  • More than half of all workers assume they will be one of those people lying on the beach somewhere and checking office email while they are on vacation.
  • And, a growing number of people don’t even bother to pretend they’re on vacation – on average, Americans didn’t use 9.2 of the vacation days they had earned in 2012.
  • This situation is simply unsustainable, at least if the goal is to have sourcers and recruiters do their best work on-the-job. Which begs the question: how do you establish a strategy for renewable recruiting excellence?

    What the Research Shows

    According to that article in the Times, we humans need to be reinvigorated in at least two different ways. One, of course, is periodic breaks that last more than a day or two. Those breaks are called “vacations,” but they live up to that name only if one is able to vacate the premises, both literally and virtually.

    No less important, however, is the surprising conclusion by a growing body of multidisciplinary research. It discovered that we humans have a finite capacity for excellence that is measured in much shorter increments. We need to pause and stop what we’re doing every 90 minutes if we want to deliver peak productivity and performance on-the-job.

    These breaks need not be lengthy – 20-30 minutes is sufficient – must they must be filled with recuperative activity. For example, if a person breaks to fight with their spouse or talk to a teacher about a problem their child is having at school, they might as well keep working. The stress or anxiety of the pause will wear them down just as much as a meeting with an obtuse hiring manager.

    What kinds of activities provide genuine recuperation? Naps, of course, can do the trick, which is why more and more employers are actually setting aside special rooms for employees to catch a couple of winks. And, at the other end of the spectrum, a physical interlude – a walk or brief work-out – can also clear the mind and help recharge a person’s batteries.

    While employers should take the lead on introducing renewable recruiting excellence – after all, they’re the ones that benefit from the higher levels of productivity and performance it produces – sources and recruiters will probably have to get it done on their own. Thankfully, there’s plenty of research with which to make the case, but why go to all that trouble? What’s in it for them?

    The ultimate beneficiaries of renewable recruiting excellence are sources and recruiters themselves. Their health improves. Their enthusiasm is replenished. And their capacity to do their best work is restored. In today’s economy, those attributes pay a double dividend: they increase both the respect and the satisfaction a person brings home from work.

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    Sourcing Your Own Career Success

    As recruiters and HR professionals, we spend 33 percent of our day (or more) on-the-job and 100 percent of our job helping others to achieve career success.

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