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Feature: Our Perennial Complaint

Feature: Our Perennial Complaint

Put the operators of 100 job boards in a room and ask them to identify their most pressing customer problem, and 99 will say it’s the lack of competence among the users of their products and services. Too many corporate and third party recruiters don’t know how to write a good job posting or how to search a resume database effectively. They don’t understand the power of contextual advertising, and they seem all but oblivious to the importance of brand advertising. Yet, the minute their sourcing yield doesn’t measure up to their expectations, they point their fingers at us and say we have let them down.

What can be done about this no-win situation? There is no easy answer, of course. Even investing in client training hasn’t had a measurable impact. No sooner do we provide the training they need, when turnover in the HR Department all but guarantees we’ll have to start all over again. Add to that the understaffing that occurs in far too many organizations-limiting the time recruiters have to use Best Practices-and you transform an irritating situation into a cancer that can gnaw away at and even kill your business.

Be all of that as it may, however, I do think there is a corrective strategy that has the potential to work and thus warrants our consideration. It involves taking two steps which address the two key aspects of the problem. Here’s what I mean:

  • Step 1. Address recruiters’ lack of competency, but do it on your site. Create an HR community center on your site that provides a curriculum of Best Practice programs in online sourcing and recruiting. These programs should be accessible individually and online. This format enables each recruiter to take the courses at their convenience and wherever they can find the time-in the office, at home or on the road. In addition, have them register to take the courses so you know who’s involved and who’s not and include a “What did you learn” assessment at the conclusion of each program. The former will help you target your promotion of the program to those who aren’t yet involved, while the latter will provide the reinforcement necessary for effective adult learning.
  • Step 2. Address recruiters’ lack of time for using Best Practices by making them a priority for their employers. When a recruiter satisfactorily completes the course end assessment, provide them with a certificate that entitles their employer to a discount on job posting or resume search commitments over a certain monetary level. That way you encourage a larger investment from the employer and you promote the value of the recruiter to the employer which encourages them to use the Best Practices they’ve learned. Bottom line: they get better results from your services, which leads to repeat business and even greater sales for you.
  • This strategy is obviously not foolproof, but it does move us from simply complaining about our customers to actually dong something about them. Yes, it does require an investment of time, effort and probably some capital on our part, but the return on that investment is real and lasting. It transforms our customers into smart consumers.

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    The IAEWS is the trade association for the global online employment services industry. Barely more than a year old, its membership now includes over 175 organizations operating over 850 sites worldwide.

    The purpose of the Association is to promote our industry by contributing to the success of the companies in that industry. How does the IAEWS do that? Its activities include:

  • an annual Member Congress-in 2007, we’ll have two-that provides access to thought leaders and opportunities for building business partnerships and alliances;
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  • Membership is open to any of the following organizations that operate an employment site or sell products and services to those sites:

  • stand-alone enterprises,
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  • affinity or special interest groups, and
  • radio stations and other communications firms.
  • If your company or organization is not yet a Member, you’re missing out on some of the most important contacts and information you can have. To learn more about the Association, please visit its site or call the founder and Executive Director, Peter Weddle. You can reach him at 203.964.1888 or