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Don’t Forget February 14th!

Don’t Forget February 14th!

The most important reason for remembering next Tuesday, of course, is that it’s Valentine’s Day. But February 14th is also worth noting because it’s the day before the deadline for submitting your site’s data to WEDDLE’s for our 2007 Guides and Directory.

Every site that completes a questionnaire will be included in WEDDLE’s 2007 Directory of Employment-Related Internet Sites, and 350 of the sites will be selected for extensive coverage in our 2007 Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet.

  • The Directory is known as the “address book of the online employment industry” and is found in the offices of corporate and third party recruiters and, equally as important, on the bookshelves of public and academic libraries nationwide.
  • The Guide has been called the “Zagat of the online employment industry” and is the leading print reference to job boards and career portals sold in Borders, Barnes & Noble and on
  • Bottom line: getting your site(s) into WEDDLE’s publications provides a whole lot of visibility at absolutely no cost to your organization. Now, that’s a sweetheart of a deal!

    If you have any questions about completing your questionnaire, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re at 203.964.1888.

    A Factoid for the Ages

    As many of you know, WEDDLE’s has been conducting an online survey of job seekers, employers and recruiters since 1996. We’ve collected hundreds of thousands of data elements about what they do and don’t do online and, most importantly, what they think works best in the online employment space.

    In our 2005 survey, we explored just how effective our industry is in delivering talent to its customers. Commentators in the media are always asking the question Does any organization ever hire someone who was found on a job board? and we wanted to get the answer.

    What did we learn? More than 50% of employers are now hiring more than 25% of their new employees through the services of a job board! In barely a decade of operation, our sites have become one of the most important sources of high caliber candidates available to employers and staffing firms. Indeed, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration at all to say that the online employment industry is the most important advance in the field of employment since the creation of the resume.

    Have You Joined Your Site’s Trade Association Yet?

    This past Monday, the U.S. Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs implemented a new regulation governing the definition of an online candidate. This regulation dramatically changes the way some job board customers must use job postings and perform resume database searches. These changes could, in turn, negatively affect your business and even the viability of your site.

    This is just one of the issues that the International Association of Employment Web Sites is working on for its members. The Association’s membership includes organizations that are stand alone enterprises, newspapers, professional associations, radio stations and affinity groups. Some operate locally, some regionally, some nationally, and some internationally. They are large, medium and small in size; some have been in operation over a decade, and some have literally just launched their Web-site.

    All, however, are united in their belief that they can:

  • learn from one another through the Association’s Member discussion boards and meetings;
  • gain from the differentiation provided by the Association’s brand and logo;
  • improve through the research and Best Practices distributed by the Association; and
  • support their organization’s mission more effectively through the collective voice and influence of the Association.
  • To learn more about the International Association of Employment Web Sites and to download an application form, please click here. Or, to speak to the Executive Director, Peter Weddle, please call 203.964.1888.