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Curation is the Cure

Curation is the Cure

By Peter Weddle

Content is the key to an effective business in the digital employment solutions industry, and the nature of that content is now changing.

Historically, employment site content has been directed at active job seekers, so first and foremost, it featured JOBS, followed by articles on the techniques of effective job searching. Now, however, many employers believe they can attract active job seekers with the jobs and other content they post in their own corporate career sites. What they want from employment sites, therefore, is access to the population their sites can’t reach – passive job seekers.

And, there’s the rub. Passive job seekers aren’t job seekers at all. They’re almost all employed. While they will look at job openings once they’re on a site, jobs and articles about job searching are not sufficient to attract them TO the site. And, of course, if we can’t get them to our sites, we can’t deliver them to employers.

So, what’s better than jobs, at least for attracting passive job seekers? Information and ideas that will help them stay employed and advance in their careers. So, the question now facing many employment sites is this: How do you change your brand among job seekers from being a source of content on jobs to being a source of content on jobs AND careers?

One strategy, of course, is to add a person to your team who has the expertise to write about the principles and practices of effective career self-management. Since that can be expensive, however, a better approach might be to establish a relationship with a career counselor or coach and have them develop the content in exchange for promoting their services. That also has a drawback, however, as it promotes the individual doing the writing, but not the site as a source of career expertise.

So, what’s a better strategy? Curation. Set up a newsfeed that taps into a range of sources of career content on the Web. There are literally thousands of people producing such content every day. But, don’t make the mistake of simply publishing a list of these articles. Anybody can do that, so the content neither reinforces nor differentiates your brand. Instead, curate those links by adding your opinion on the value of the information or insights they provide. Tell people why they should invest their valuable time to read what’s behind the link.

Curation is a quick way to tap your own experience (or that of someone on your team) to sort through and evaluate a range of the ideas being proposed for staying employed and advancing in one’s career. That’s content that will attract even the most passive of job seekers and when it does, it sets you up to connect them with the jobs posted by your customers.

Just 3 Days til ReSI Nominations Due

There are just 3 days until nominations are due for the 2015 IAEWS Recruiting Service Innovation Awards (the ReSIs).

Don’t miss this chance to set yourself apart in the global digital employment solutions industry.

Conducted by the International Association of Employment Web Sites, the ReSIs recognize and celebrate the Innovators and Innovations that have optimized the recruiter’s experience. They are a global competition open to any organization worldwide that supports employers’ talent acquisition.


  • Your CEO or another influencer in your organization;
  • Your organization, itself;
  • One or more of your organization’s products or services;
  • Or all three!

There’s no limit to how much recognition you can achieve. The nomination form is short – you can complete it in 30 minutes – but the PR value is long-lasting.

Nominations are due Not Later Than May 31, 2015. Download your nomination form here.

Programmatic Ad Buying – The Conference

The IAEWS will present the first in a new series of Leadership Symposia called Programmatic Ad Buying – The Coming Wave in Recruitment Media. The one-day event will be held at the University of Chicago’s Gleacher Center in Chicago, IL USA on June 30, 2015.

Programmatic ad buying has revolutionized mainstream consumer advertising. The use of data to power high-speed bidding and analytics engines has irrevocably altered how advertising dollars are spent on classifieds, search, and social and display ads.

This revolution is now coming to recruitment.

From new start-ups focused exclusively on ad technology for the employment industry to radical changes at established advertising agencies and publishers, programmatic ad buying strategies and technologies are starting to creep into recruitment advertising. This symposium will bring together an unprecedented array of technology and industry thought leaders to explore the current state of programmatic buying in recruitment media, its impact on employers and the job ad market, and what the future holds for the venerable “job posting”.

Who Should Attend:

  • Job Boards
  • Social Media Sites
  • Recruitment Advertising Agencies
  • Publishers
  • Recruiting Consultants
  • Employers

Seating is strictly limited to 130 participants. For more information and to register, please click here.

Private Research Bulletin

It’s tough to keep track of what’s happening in the online employment services industry. Companies are being bought and sold, new technology and services are being introduced, partnerships and alliances are being formed, and alternative business models and strategies are being tested and promoted. All of the time.

Staying on top of it all is critical to bottom line success. But who has the time to collect and read what’s published at the multiple channels that report on such matters? And equally as important, who wants to read everything when only a subset of the information is likely to impact your business?

WEDDLE’s Research Bulletin – a private, monthly e-report – solves these problems. It uses a wide range of sources – both inside and outside the industry – to capture the latest news relevant to online employment and then curates that information to deliver what’s most important with commentary about why and what it could mean.

The WEDDLE’s Research Bulletin is a for-fee publication that gives you your own in-house research and analysis arm. It focuses exclusively on the online employment services industry and delivers exactly what you need to know in just four easy-to-digest pages.

For more information about the Bulletin and its cost, please contact Peter Weddle at

Industry Books You Shouldn’t Miss

WEDDLE’s Bookstoreis the best source of books and other tools developed expressly for the digital talent acquisition industry. Here are some of the titles your peers have recently purchased:

The New Golden Rules of Job Board Success: Four Principles for Optimizing Operational & Bottom Line Performance in the 21st Century. The title says it all.

The Accidental Houseguest, a novel written by a job board owner who launches his tale at, “where second best is just too good.”

The Talent Sourcing & Recruitment Handbook, a Cybersleuth’s secrets to finding those with the rarest and most in-demand skills in the workforce.

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