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Comp Registration to Spring Congress

Comp Registration to Spring Congress

Thanks to the generous support of IAEWS members, those organizations which are not yet IAEWS members may attend the association’s Spring Congress at no charge.

The IAEWS event is partnered with the SHRM Talent Management Conference & Expo so will be held the day before that conference, on April 14th, and in the same location, the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

Here’s a brief look at the Congress agenda:

  • A panel-plenary discussion on Big Data – what is it (really) and why should job boards care? Panelists include senior executives from eQuest and Monster and an SVP of Recruiting from a Fortune 500 company.
  • An exclusive presentation by Cybersleuth Shally Steckerl on what sourcers and recruiters are learning about recruiting online with methods other than job postings.
  • A panel of case studies in the development and application of mobile technology on job boards. Panelists include senior executives from Madgex, RealMatch and Beyond.
  • A keynote presentation on the latest talent acquisition strategies and investment decisions at a major global enterprise by the Director of Global Recruiting at Coca Cola.
  • Plus

  • An update on the 2013 IAEWS Global Benchmarking Survey, sponsored by Madgex (please see below for additional details)
  • And, plenty of time for networking and deal making.
  • To take advantage of this complimentary registration offer, organizations must register not later than March 29, 2013. To register, please call the IAEWS Executive Director, Peter Weddle, at 203-964-1888.

    The New Golden Rules for Job Boards

    The following excerpt is from The New Golden Rules for Job Board Success: Four Principles for Optimizing Operational & Financial Performance in the 21st Century. The newly published book is available from the IAEW by calling 203-964-1888. It retails for $24.95.

    “Since their first appearance in the 1990s, job boards have largely limited the content they offer to job seekers to information about the principles and practices of effective job search. Typically, sites have addressed such topics as effective resume writing, interviewing and, occasionally networking and salary negotiation, but very little else. This content is, of course, clearly helpful to active job seekers. For passive prospects, however, it is neither interesting nor relevant to the way they see themselves in the workplace.

    Why? Because the vast majority of passive prospects don’t consider themselves job seekers, even when they are in transition. Unlike their active counterparts, they’re in no rush to make a change. They have choices, one of which is to stay right where they are with their current employer. So, they don’t need to look for a job, and they simply aren’t interested in the rudiments of conventional job search.

    They are, on the other hand, almost always interested in advancing their career. That advancement could involve taking a new job with a different employer, but just as often and maybe even more, it concerns some other aspect of good career self-management. It might, for example, involve remediation strategies for a work skill that they’ve not yet fully mastered or a way to deal with a supervisor who is biased in their assignment of work.

    Career self-management involves both the principles and practices of being a good steward of the one-third of a person’s life they will spend at work. It is based on a body of knowledge and set of skills that are just as integral and important to success as one’s expertise and performance in their profession, craft or trade. It encompasses the personal setting of appropriate employment goals and the execution of specific actions to achieve them so as to provide a person with a meaningful and rewarding work experience throughout the entirety of their career.

    Career self-management isn’t a nice-to-have competence; it is a critically important capability, especially in the turbulent workplace of the 21st century. Sadly, however, most workers lack even an awareness of its existence, let alone a proficiency in its application. This gap provides a window of opportunity for job boards – they can the resource with which talented people fill the career self-management gap.

    Supporting career self-management as well as job search transforms a job board from an advertising platform to a career homestead or careerstead – a place where people can find the content, features and functionality to advance themselves:

  • when they are looking for a job
  • and

  • when they aren’t.
  • It is the place to which working people turn when they’re in transition AND when they’re dealing with the challenges and opportunities that come along regularly throughout one’s career. A careerstead does what employers used to do and what colleges and universities should have done for working men and women. It is school house, sanctuary and peer community all rolled into one.”

    The IAEWS Benchmark Survey

    Your site will definitely benefit from participating in the Global Benchmark Survey.

    But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what Steven Rothberg, President of, and Andy Hibel, COO of have to say. Click here here to reach the IAEWS home page and scroll down to the video recording.

    So, register now. It’s free, confidential and easy to complete. Click here to reach our registration portal.

    Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind survey. See how your site stacks up vis-a-vis its peers in the industry. Register today.

    The 2013 IAEWS Global Benchmark Survey is sponsored by Madgex.

    Talk to Other Job Board Pros

    Open to all job board owners and operators, the IAEWS Group on is an easy way to present your own views on key industry issues, keep tabs on other job boards and build your personal brand among peers.

    Sign on today and take part in the dialogue. Sure, you’re busy, but a 15 minute investment at the IAEWS LinkedIn Group every couple of days could pay an immense return in new ideas and insights, competitive intelligence, strategic business relationships.