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Build Your Site’s Brand with WEDDLE’s

Build Your Site’s Brand with WEDDLE’s

Every two weeks, WEDDLE’s Publisher, Peter Weddle, pens an e-newsletter for recruiters and HR professionals. According to our internal surveys, this publication is rare on three counts:

  • Each issue reaches a population of over 100,000 people,
  • The publication is actually read by those recipients, and
  • Many of them are senior managers and executives in their organizations.
  • In other words, the newsletter is a prestigious publication that enables you to connect with a large segment of precisely the audience where you should build your brand.

    To help you do that, WEDDLE’s offers a unique Sponsorship Program modeled after public television. Each issue of the newsletter is sponsored by a single organization which is individually featured twice in the publication:

  • immediately after Peter’s lead-off feature column
  • and

  • at the end of the newsletter where it is the last thing the reader sees.
  • There is constant turnover among the in-house recruiting teams of employers and staffing firms, so it’s essential that you continuously build your brand with decision-makers and potential users. That’s what sponsoring one or more WEDDLE’s newsletters can do for you.

    Sponsorships are still available for the prime spring and early summer recruiting season. For more information and to reserve your dates, please call WEDDLE’s at 203.964.1888.

    Your Site’s Shot at Immortality

    WEDDLE’s Guides and Directory are the desk references of choice for corporate and third party recruiters. When your site appears in one or more of these books, you enhance its visibility and the credibility of its brand. And best of all, getting your site included in a WEDDLE’s publication is absolutely free.

    How does it happen? All you have to do is complete a brief questionnaire that provides the data WEDDLE’s uses to list and/or profile your site.

    And there’s the rub. The deadline for submitting site data is almost here.

  • If your site previously appeared in a WEDDLE’s publication, you must update your site’s data right away for it to be included in our 2007 books.
  • If your site has not previously appeared in a WEDDLE’s publication, you must submit a completed questionnaire right away if you’d like it to be included in our 2007 books.
  • Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity. Contact WEDDLE’s at 203.964.1888 right away, and we’ll provide whatever assistance you need to get your site’s data submitted on time.

    Give your site immortality. Get it into a book that’s found on the bookshelves of public libraries, on the desks of corporate and third party recruiters, in Borders and Barnes & Noble bookstores, and in transition centers operated by Federal and state agencies. Get it into WEDDLE’s.

    Training That Can Help You Educate Your Customers

    WEDDLE’s has introduced a new training series on Best Practices in recruiting top talent. Delivered by audio conference (with accompanying course materials), it is the perfect way to acquire the content that will help to educate your current and prospective customers. And educated customers use more of your services and use them more effectively than others.

    The series has been underway for about a month. The remaining topics and dates are as follows:

  • May 25th: The Sum & Substance of a Great Employment Brand
  • June 13th: Building a Corporate Career Site for Top Talent
  • June 21st: Staffing Metrics for All the Right Reasons
  • July 11th: HR Leadership-The Antidote to Management By-the-Numbers
  • All programs are presented by Peter Weddle. They begin at 11:00 a.m. EST, 8:00 a.m. PST and last for one hour. They are a great way for you to burnish your skills and knowledge and/or those of your sales team with minimum hassle-you don’t even have to leave the office-and maximum effectiveness-Peter is one of our industry’s most highly regarded trainers.

    You can take the courses individually or invite as many colleagues as you would like to listen in. Even better, the enrollment fee is priced for every budget. Just $129 per program! That’s hundreds of dollars less than comparable programs elsewhere.

    In addition, if you:

  • sign up for two programs, the fee drops to just $119 per program.
  • sign up for four programs, the fee drops to an unbelievable $99 per program.
  • Registration is limited, so reserve your seats now. To sign up, please call WEDDLE’s at 203.964.1888.