Books for Job Seekers

If you're in transition, WEDDLE's is pleased to offer the following titles just for you:

WEDDLE's Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet

Called the Zagat of the online employment services industry, this print guide includes WEDDLE's choice for The Top 100, those sites that are among the elite of the online employment services industry, and The Best & the Rest, a directory of over 9,000 sites - the largest available anywhere - organized by career field, industry and other factors.

WEDDLE's Guide to Association Web Sites

This one-of-a-kind guide provides a listing of the online employment resources - the job board, resume database, online networking capability - available at over 3,000 professional societies and trade associations organized by career field, industry and other factors.

The Career Fitness Workbook: How to Find, Win & Hang Onto the Job of Your Dreams

This self-paced instructional guide introduces a complete regimen of career-building activities that will help you successfully compete for and excel at the job of your dreams. Its step-by-step, detailed guidelines will make you a winner, whether you're in transition or looking to advance in your field.

The Success Matrix: Wisdom from the Web on How to Get Hired & Not Be Fired

This anthology collects the best of Peter Weddle's columns on job search and career success. It is the only book you'll find that provides a candid and totally up-to-date look at how to get ahead and stay there in today's fast changing job market and workplace.

Recognizing Richard Rabbit: A Fable About Being True to Yourself

This fable for adults will delight you and help you pry yourself out of the boxes that keep you from becoming the champion inside you. It's a novel and engaging way to recognize and respect the talented person you are meant to be.

A Multitude of Hope: A Novel About Rediscovering the American Dream

This modern-day epic traces the journeys of three out-of-work professionals searching for answers in today's seemingly nonsensical job market. Along the way, they discover the secret to "career security" and the pathway to real and lasting success.

The Career Activist Republic

This blockbuster of a book provides a provocative yet positive assessment of the changing world of work in the United States and describes an innovative strategy that will enable you to avoid the pitfalls and capture the opportunities in this new environment.