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Best Practices in Online Association Career Centers

Best Practices in Online Association Career Centers

A new breed of employment site is appearing on the Internet. These sites offer employment opportunities, education and training with certification, peer-to-peer communities and more. In short, they are beginning to look a lot like association Web-sites and their online career centers.

How can associations respond to this threat? Join WEDDLE’s Publisher Peter Weddle for a free seminar that will explore Best Practices in the design and operation of association career centers. The seminar draws on research conducted by WEDDLE’s, the leading publisher of print guides for the online employment industry. WEDDLE’s research has been cited in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Fortune, Kiplinger and a host of other publications.

The 60 program will cover:

  • WEDDLE’s latest findings on what job seekers and employers and recruiters want from an online employment resource;
  • The nature of the threat from commercial job boards positioning themselves as “career community centers;”
  • Some of the best new ideas for employment site content, features, and services;
  • Strategies for differentiating an online association career center among employers, recruiters and job seekers; and
  • Strategies for increasing advertising and other revenue generated by an association’s online career center.
  • Time will be provided after his presentation for questions and answers with participants.

    This program is being hosted by IEEE and will be presented as a Webinar. For more information and to register, please contact Faith Jeanty at or 212-419-7760.

    Have You Joined Your Site’s Trade Association Yet?

    More and more evidence suggests that association online career centers are not receiving the recognition they deserve for providing high caliber candidates to employers. Why? Because the vast majority of today’s applicant tracking and resume management systems do not accurately identify the source of candidate resumes submitted in response to job postings. And when your organization doesn’t get credit for the talent it delivers to its advertisers, they don’t come back.

    This is just one of the issues that the International Association of Employment Web Sites is working on for its members. The Association’s membership includes organizations that are stand alone enterprises, newspapers, professional associations, radio stations and affinity groups. Some operate locally, some regionally, some nationally, and some internationally. They are large, medium and small in size; some have been in operation over a decade, and some have literally just launched their Web-site.

    All, however, are united in their belief that they can:

  • learn from one another through the Association’s Member discussion boards and meetings;
  • gain from the differentiation provided by the Association’s brand and logo;
  • improve through the research and Best Practices distributed by the Association; and
  • support their organization’s mission more effectively through the collective voice and influence of the Association.
  • To learn more about the International Association of Employment Web Sites and to download an application form, please click here. Or, to speak to the Executive Director, Peter Weddle, please call 203.964.1888.

    Need a Speaker for an Upcoming Conference or Convention?

    Consider WEDDLE’s Publisher, Peter Weddle. Drawing on the 10+ years of research compiled by WEDDLE’s, he speaks on a range of topics including:

  • The War for Talent: What It Is & What It Isn’t
  • Human Resource Leadership: The Antidote for Human Resource Management
  • The Best Practices in Online Recruiting
  • Optimizing the Candidate Experience: the Key to Success in Recruitment
  • Building and Operating a World Class Corporate Career Site
  • How to Look for A Job on the Web … and Still Look Like a Winner
  • and other topics related to successful employment and talent management.

    Here’s what one attendee had to say about his performance:

    “WOW!! I had the opportunity to listen to Peter Weddle speak last week at a conference and ‘WOW!!’ does NOT do justice to how I felt after listening to him!”

    For more information and to schedule a presentation, please call Peter at 203.964.1888.