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Beating LinkedIn at its Own Game

Beating LinkedIn at its Own Game

What kind of traffic does your site attract?

One of the principles I introduce in my new book, The New Golden Rules of Job Board Success, is this: What you do to attract top talent will also attract mediocre talent, but the converse is not true.

Employment sites do not get paid to deliver mediocre candidates. Employers do that on their own. Typically, that’s the kind of talent that visits corporate career sites.

Top talent, on the other hand, never thinks of themselves as a “job seeker.” Even when they’re in transition, they see themselves as something different. They’re committed to advancing in their career, so in their mind (and my words), they are “career activists.”

And, most corporate career sites hold absolutely no interest for them. They aren’t looking for a job. They are, on the other hand, almost always on the lookout for a career advancement opportunity. Indeed, a recent Aflac survey found that almost one-out-of-two employed workers – 49 percent – expect to leave their employer this year.

They are the talent employers can’t reach on their own. And, they are the talent an employment site must attract. Its features, content and brand must appeal to people who aren’t looking for a job, as well as those who are. Today, employment sites must traffic in career activists.

Why bother?

There are a number of advantages to focusing a site’s traffic generation strategies on career activists:

  • First, employers will pay big bucks for such talent. These individuals are the definition of victory in the War for Talent.
  • Second, it defuses the appeal of social media sites. LinkedIn, in particular, has convinced employers and recruiters that only it can connect them with such so-called passive job seekers. That’s where all the “job boards are dead” nonsense comes from.
  • And third, it portends to increase your site’s traffic by an order of magnitude. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that just 16 percent of the American workforce is ever in transition, even during a recession. By focusing on top talent, therefore, you target the 84 percent of the population who aren’t looking for a job.
  • Employment sites have allowed social media mavens – the consultants and vendors that traffic in social media implementation – to paint them as the purveyors of mediocre talent. It’s a lie now, and by applying this new Golden Rule, it will be a lie in the future, as well.

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    Note: To order The New Golden Rules of Job Board Success: Four Principles for Optimizing Operational & Bottom Line Performance, please click here.

    Benchmark Survey Distributed

    The questionnaire for the 2013 IAEWS Global Benchmark Survey was distributed to registered participants last week. If your organization has already registered and you did not receive your copy, please contact me at right away.

    A couple of additional points:

  • Registrations to participate in the survey are still being accepted, so if you haven’t yet signed up, now’s the time to do so. Here’s the link to the registration portal.
  • On the other hand, if you have signed up but know of a job board that hasn’t, please encourage them to do so. The survey is free and open to all job boards worldwide.
  • To make it as easy as possible to complete the survey, it’s been designed so you can answer questions as your schedule permits and save your responses. Completed questionnaires are due by August 19th.
  • Two Survey Discussion Forums will be held: one in-person forum prior to the IAEWS Fall Congress on October 15th in Chicago, IL and a second virtual discussion online later in the fall. More details will be released later in the summer.
  • Finally, please remember that no one will see your site’s data except the outside, independent research firm from The Ohio State University. The only data that will be seen by any organization is that for its own site and the aggregated responses from all participating job boards.

    Free Job Search & Career Success Webinars

    Xtreme Success is a new 5-part Webinar series which you can now offer to your site’s visitors for free.

    Based on my books, The Career Fitness Workbook, A Multitude of Hope and The Career Activist Republic, it presents an outside-the-box look at today’s turbulent job market and workplace and offers up an unconventional but highly effective set of tactics for ensuring sustained success. And, in today’s world, sustained success IS Xtreme Success.

    The series was recently previewed with and played to rave reviews. To see a recording of that series, please click here.

    To schedule Xtreme Success for your site’s visitors, please contact me at

    Advertise in the IAEWS Resource Directory

    If your organization is selling a product or service to job boards, the IAEWS Resource Directory is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to promote it.

    What makes the Directory special? It connects with your prospective customers in not one, but two ways:

  • First, the Directory will be linked from the Home Page of the IAEWS Web-site so visible to both IAEWS Members and other site visitors
  • Second, a hard copy version of the Directory will be distributed to delegates at the Fall Congress in Chicago on October 15th.
  • In short, you get a two-fer: both virtual and real world visibility.

    In addition, the Directory will be featured in regular e-blasts to the IAEWS membership and to the employment sites on the mailing list maintained by WEDDLE’s Guide.

    Rates are low and insertion orders are now being accepted. The Resource Directory will go live on July 1st, so don’t delay. For additional information and to place your insertion order, contact me at today.

    To see the beta version of the Directory, please click here.