Published by : Peter Weddle

Feature: Are You Spamming Your Prospects?

Americans are consuming spam at a record rate. Not the little tins of processed meat, but the junk e-mail that now arrives almost hourly on the Web. According to one survey, 92% of us report that we receive spam at work. Worse, 47% of us say that spam now constitutes more than 10% of our

Feature: To “B” or Not to “B”

The War for Talent, a report produced by McKinsey & Company in 1997, was a seminal work in the recruiting profession. Not only did it underscore the importance of what recruiters do in the modern enterprise, but for the first time, it monetized differences in the quality of that work. McKinsey studied a number of

Feature: Pay Attention to “Career Advancement Moms”

It’s the political season in America, and the pundits are busy coining terms for population groups that will have an impact on the vote. The best known example of these designations, of course, is the “soccer mom,” a genus whose power at the polls is legend. And more recently, we’ve heard of “national security moms,”

Feature: Brand, Brand on the Wall, Who Should Be One of Us All?

Let’s begin with a rash statement: You can’t win the War for the Best Talent with the highest quality candidates. That’s right; simply going out and recruiting the best and brightest in each career field is not likely to get the performance gains your customers-those pesky hiring managers-really want. Why not? Because only the right

Feature: Finding Rare Propsects

Despite all of the happy faces on Wall Street these days, there is precious little evidence that the projected economic recovery will return us quickly to the good old days of go-go recruiting. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m as hopeful as the next person that we are finally seeing the end of the malaise

Feature: Know Thy Customer

There’s been a lot of attention focused recently on 16 words. In government and politics, apparently, even a modest-sized sentence can evoke powerful forces and endless debate. Thankfully, we in the business world generally have clearer and more succinct direction. Why, then, do we seem to forget those words so often and ignore the lessons