Published by : Peter Weddle

Feature: A Job Posting Even the Best Performers Can’t Resist

Here’s the good news: According to a March survey of 16,000 U.S. employers, conducted by the staffing firm Manpower, recruiting activity is finally about to rise. A net 20% of employers expect to add workers in the second quarter of this year, the highest level of workforce additions since the first quarter of 2001. Even

Feature: How to Measure New Hire Quality

Staffing metrics are all the rage these days, and none generates more discussion and angst than measures of new hire quality. Just how good are the new employees acquired by the Staffing Team and how do you tell? What numbers or scales can be used to indicate-accurately and fairly-new hire capabilities and motivation and when

Feature: Another Point of View

Recently, there has been a spate of press reports on two topics that are important to recruiters: The role of corporate career sites in an organization’s recruiting strategy, and The quality of the resources recruiters use to find job boards and career portals. While I appreciate the visibility the media has accorded these issues, I’m

Feature: The Interactive Electronic Sales Brochure

The biggest complaint about online recruiting these days is the volume of unqualified responses you get from a job posting. Post a job for an engineer, for example, and you’ll get hundreds, even thousands of applications. Some will be from engineers, of course, but many-too many, in fact-will be from sushi chefs and truck drivers.

Feature: The New Core Competency of Recruiting

Leadership. What’s that got to do with recruiting and recruiters? Isn’t leadership a topic reserved for … well, for the leaders of our organizations-the executives, managers, directors and supervisors who oversee the work of the enterprise? That’s the view that some take, of course, but it’s not mine. The art and science of leadership is

Feature: Can Social Networking Help Recruiters?

In case you haven’t heard, the latest craze to hit the Internet is something called social networking. It’s a service offered at such sites at,, and Ryze ( Social networking uses technology to help people make connections with other people who are friends with their friends. If genealogy traces the ancestors you never

Feature: Happy Holidays

Every year at this time-as the Holiday season settles in and the end of the year approaches-we at WEDDLE’s pause for a moment to reflect on our blessings. Yes, there’s no denying that the world is a troubled place these days and yes, indeed, it has been a challenging twelve months for those of us

Feature: WEDDLE’s 2004 Books Are Now Available

This is my favorite time of the year. We at WEDDLE’s work from January to November preparing our books for publication, and in December, I get to announce the new titles and tell you a little about them. It’s not a big deal in the greater scheme of things, I know, but for us, it

Feature: The Best Practices in Online Recruitment

Since 1996, we at WEDDLE’s have been surveying job seekers and recruiters at our Web-site. We’ve asked them what they do online, what works and what doesn’t, and most importantly, what works best. By now, we have several hundred thousand data elements, enabling us to look at both what’s happening right now and at the

Feature: Are You Spamming Your Prospects-II?

This feature is the second in a two-part column on communications with candidates. To read the first column, please visit the archive of WEDDLE’s Newsletters for Recruiters and click on the newsletter dated October 15, 2003. We’re sinking deeper and deeper into it. Every day, it creeps up a little further, suffocating the minutes and