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Job Board Journalist: Add Change, Stir, Pour

Note: The deadline for a free hotel room at the TAtech Conference & Expo is this Sunday, July 31st.  Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind deal. The job board marketplace is attracting the attention of the big boys and girls.  Yes, I know the conventional wisdom is that Microsoft bought LinkedIn as a CRM play

The Most Hated Term in the Job Market Redux

Amidst all the chatter about this new technology or that new functionality, it’s all too easy – but extremely dangerous – to overlook the one aspect of your site that most determines its appeal: Words.  And, while many employment sites now feature an engaging vocabulary, they continue to rely on a term that is anathema

Job Board Journalist: The Power & Peril of a Legacy Brand

From Monster’s first Super Bowl ad to CareerBuilder’s Monkey Business campaign, from Dice’s street art ads to today’s airport billboards, taxi rooftop placards and plain, old direct marketing emails, job boards have invested millions of dollars in building their brand.  Not every site has become a household name, but many are now imprinted on the

A Recruiter’s Careerstead™

Recruiters work all day, every day to fill openings for employers and, in the process, advance the careers of millions of job seekers. But what about the careers of recruiters? Who’s helping to position them for success? WEDDLE’s has just re-launched its flagship website as a careerstead™ for recruiters – a homestead for their careers.

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Today on Today on On The Board Biz Daily blog, take a look at The Third Industrial Age & Job Boards by Peter Weddle. Change isn’t coming, it’s already here, so how will it affect a business model based on the Industrial Age that’s now ending? Also on The Board Biz Daily blog,

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Today on Today on On The .Org Board blog, sponsored by YM Careers, read Jennifer Baker’s piece API Literate – Are You? Is Your Association? Are Your Members?. The API Ceiling, the boundary between those who can assemble and reassemble the building blocks of work and those who work with those blocks on

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Today on Today on On The Board Biz Daily blog, Using Webinars to Do Good, Educate Potential Customers, Recruit, and Grow Your Business! by Ken Levinson. New riffs on the tried-and-true Webinar to give it more customer impact. Also on The Board Biz Daily blog, TA Industry Activities for Everyone. Take the new

Next Practices: Build a Talent Universe

In This Edition of WEDDLE’s Next Practices Newsletter: Build a Talent Universe A Free Hotel Room & More at This Recruiting Conference Next Practices: The Book A Prescription for the Soul – Peter’s New Novel About Boomers & the American Dream The Recruiting Resources You Deserve. Next Practices: Build a Talent Universe Perhaps you saw

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Today on Today on On The Board Biz Daily blog, We Ain’t Perfect, But We Will Be Better by Peter Weddle. Research shows people trust other people more than machines, so how can a technology-based industry work around this so-called “algorithm aversion”? Also on The Board Biz Daily blog, Early Bird Discount for

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Today on Today on On The Board Biz Daily blog, What Does LinkedIn’s Massive Market Drop Mean for the TA Industry? Take a look at two different views, and then you decide. Also on The Board Biz Daily blog, Quantity of “Quality” by Gal Almog. Customers say they want quality candidates, but in