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Announcing the IAEWS Global Benchmark Survey

Announcing the IAEWS Global Benchmark Survey

Now in its third year, this survey is the only job board survey which adheres to survey Best Practices.

Best Practice #1: Survey participants derive some benefit from survey data, itself, but get the most insight from discussions with their peers, not the interpretations of consultants or pundits.

The IAEWS Global Benchmark Survey provides both an individualized final report to each participant and a peer discussion forum to analyze and interpret the results prior to the IAEWS Fall Member Congress.

Best Practice #2: Survey data should not be collected, reviewed, aggregated or analyzed by any organization or individual who provides consulting services to job boards. That’s a serious conflict of interest.

The IAEWS Global Benchmark Survey hires a third party outside research firm to handle and analyze participant data, thereby ensuring each and every participant’s total confidentiality.

Finally, the survey portal will open shortly on the IAEWS Web-site. In the interim, you can sign up by emailing your organization’s name, the name of your point of contact and their email address and telephone number to

There is absolutely NO COST to participate in the survey. And, there is something special for the first 150 organizations that do.

This year, the first 150 organizations to register and complete the survey will receive a free copy of Peter Weddle’s latest book, The New Golden Rules of Job Board Success: Four Principles for Optimizing Operational and Bottom Line Performance in the 21st Century.

The book is short (just 125 pages), but jam-packed with research data and thought-provoking ideas – all designed to help job board leaders frame a vision for their continued prosperity in our industry.

For more information on the IAEWS survey, please contact Peter Weddle at