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There are plenty of publications for the average recruiter, but only one that focuses on the tech-savvy recruiter – this one. If that’s you, welcome to The Technacious Recruiter.

The Technacious Recruiter is a monthly newsletter that will share:

  • A thought piece on the most effective way to use technology in today’s talent marketplace. It’s not about old fashioned Best Practices, but instead will explore Next Practices – the strategies and tactics for winning today’s and tomorrow’s War for the Best Talent;
  • Links to news about who’s doing what in the world of tech-based talent acquisition solutions. You don’t have the time to take vendor calls and keep yourself up-to-date on the latest TA products and services, so Technacious News is your quick and easy way to stay on top of what’s happening;
  • Resources for yourself and for the top talent you seek to recruit. If you’re looking for a tech-savvy speaker at an upcoming recruiter retreat or a no-cost way to burnish your brand with top talent or a program that recognizes the importance of “optimizing the RECRUITER experience,” you can get them and more in theTechnacious Resources; and
  • A listing of events designed specifically for tech-smart recruiters. There are lots of conferences that address talent acquisition as a part of HR, but only a few that connect tech-savvy recruiters with the individuals and organizations that design, develop and deploy the products and services they use. Technacious Events is where you’ll find them.

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Next Practices: Post-Social Recruiting

Social recruiting is over. It was a nice idea – social media would make candidate networking easier and more effective – but it fell apart in the face of human nature. Most people can’t be bothered to network unless they have to, and will only do so if there aren’t other and easier ways to connect with employers. So, we’re now in the era of post-social recruiting where the key to success is to skip all the unproductive networking and focus, instead, on creating and engaging proto-employees.

Even the least experienced of job seekers knows that the best way to connect with an employer is on its own organizational website. Historically, however, those connections have been tone deaf. Despite the pretty pictures and flowery benefits descriptions, visitors to these sites are treated as outsiders and thrust into a process that funnels them through job listings and an application process only a cog could love.

Active job seekers have to tolerate such treatment, but passive prospects don’t and most won’t. They have options. They’re probably employed so they can stay right where they are, or they can move on to another employer – one that recognizes a simple, but profound truth about talented people. They want to be treated as the top candidates they are, not as just another faceless applicant in some dehumanizing system.

What does that mean? Top talent want to make smart career decisions. They’re already successful and are determined to remain so. Therefore, they shop for a new job the same way they shop for a car – they pick the winner by test driving its employment experience. Since they can’t actually go on-the-job, however, they create a surrogate: the employer’s recruiting process. They assume that the way they are treated as a candidate is a good approximation of the way they’ll be treated as an employee.

Build a Community for Proto-Employees

While an employer’s recruitment process has a large number of moving parts and players, the front door, in almost every case, is its career site. Therefore, that site should be designed not to administer candidate cogs but to emulate the organizations’ employment experience. As much as possible, it should make every visitor feel as if they are already a member of the family – a proto-employee of the organization.

Employers are only limited by their imagination in designing such an experience, but the following two features are worth considering:

  • Peer blogs by career field. The blog authors describe what it’s like to work in their field for the employer – the tasks they perform, the challenges they face, the rewards they receive. Visitors can then interact with the authors, posing questions and requesting additional information from a person who would be their colleague if they joined the organization.
  • A “friends of the family” newsletter. This publication should be posted on the site regularly (at least once a month) and focus on the activities and achievements of employees (e.g., their conference presentations, bowling team victories, community blood drives). Visitors can then get a feel for the culture and values of the organization and even get to know some of its employees.

Social recruiting misunderstood how and where candidate relationships are best formed. They’re not built by networking with strangers on social media sites, but rather by transforming strangers into proto-employees on an organization’s own career site.

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Technacious Resources

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