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2015 Source of Employment Survey Results

2015 Source of Employment Survey Results

The IAEWS has just published its 2015 Source of Employment Survey (SOE) Report. Published since 1999, it is original and empirically-based research that is unique for several reasons:

  • By simultaneously questioning both job seekers and recruiters, the SOE Survey provides a 360-perspective on the state of job search and recruiting, primarily in the United States;
  • By soliciting job seeker and recruiter responses throughout an entire year, the SOE Survey offers more than a single point, snapshot of the state of the job and talent markets; and
  • By using an inclusive approach that invites the widest possible participation, the SOE Survey produces a high fidelity gauge of both job seeker and employer/recruiter opinions and behaviors.

In addition, this year’s report presents and contrasts data collected over an eight year period, beginning in 2006, one year before the Great Recession began, and ending in 2014, five years after it ended. And, it provides in-depth analysis of the dynamics and implications of those data. The following are illustrative findings from the report:

In 2006, when job seekers were asked How did you find your last job, respondents gave the following top five answers:

31.7% Responded to an ad posted on a commercial job board

11.6% Got a tip from a family member or friend

9.5% Responded to a newspaper ad

9.3% Networked at a business or social event

8.5% Sent a resume into the company

29.4% All other

In 2014, job seekers were asked the same question about finding their last job and provided the following top five answers.

24.5% Responded to an ad posted on a commercial job board

12.8% Referred by an employee of the company

11.3% Got a tip from a family member or friend

10.2% Responded to an ad posted on a company Web-site

7.3% Contacted by a recruiter who saw my resume in a job board database

33.9% All other

Similarly, in 2006, when employers and recruiters were asked What percentage of your new hires is sourced by posting jobs at a commercial job board?, the responses were:

new hires / respondents

0 / 4%

1-15% / 37.5%

16-25% / 16.7%

26+% / 41.7%

And in 2014, when we asked employers and recruiters What percentage of your total openings are filled by job boards?, the responses were:

total openings / respondents

0 / 2.6%

1-25% / 23.1%

26-50% / 7.7%

51-75% / 30.7%

76-100% / 35.9%

The responses of both job seekers and employers and recruiters strongly refute the conventional wisdom, at least as it has been espoused by some in the recruiting field, that “job boards are dead or dying or dinosaurs.” Quite the contrary, they’ve made it clear that the claim, itself, is dead.

The Report is available to IAEWS Members at no cost. For non-IAEWS Members, the Report is available for $49. To order the publication, contact today.

The Clock is Ticking

There’s still time to register for the IAEWS Ad Buying Summit … but not much.

There’s less than a week left until the IAEWS Leadership Summit on Programmatic Ad Buying.

Whether you’re working for a job board or a social media site, an aggregator or an association career center, an employer or an agency, if you create, post or distribute online recruitment advertising, you can’t afford to miss this conference.

Programmatic Ad Buying – using sophisticated software and analytics to automatically direct job postings to their most effective venue – will revolutionize online sourcing and recruiting. And you can get ahead of this fast breaking curve by attending this 1-day event on June 30th in Chicago, IL.

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Don’t Be Overlooked

There is no greater honor than to be recognized by grateful customers.

And that’s what the User’s Choice Awards are all about!.

They’re a unique program that celebrates the best in our industry … not according to pundits, but according to the people who matter most – the job seekers, employers and recruiters who actually use the sites.

Voting is conducted all year long to determine the thirty sites with the greatest support. And your site can be on that ballot – the competition is open to all employment sites worldwide.

To request inclusion on the ballot, please contact Peter Weddle at

And to see the winners of the 2015 User’s Choice Awards, click here.

2015 IAEWS Resource Directory Now Available

The 2015 IAEWS Employment Site Resource Directory is now available on the association’s website. It’s a FREE digital publication that provides a description of the B2B services offered by both employment solution providers and their support partners.

It is unique in a very important way: It is the only directory that is composed entirely of IAEWS Members. Hence, each listed company has made at least an implicit commitment to the association’s Code of Ethics, and that provides a measure of security when doing business with them.

So, stop by and check out the 2015 IAEWS Employment Site Resource Directory – it’s your resource for some of the best products and services in the industry. You’ll find it here.

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